Starting Line – You have been charged with getting a testing and conversion rate optimization program off the ground. Now what? Evolytics is here to help. We have experience across multiple industries and with top-rated testing optimization tools like Adobe Target, Optimizely, VWO, and Google Optimize. Our proven IDEA methodology will provide a solid foundation that will have you and your team identifying testable ideas and sharing results in understandable and actionable ways.

Picking Up Speed – Your testing program is not living up to its potential. Evolytics can help identify points where your program is struggling and work with optimization tools like Adobe Target, Optimizely, VWO, and Google Optimize to create a roadmap to a brighter future. Typical challenge points include:

  • Tool implementation, knowledge and utilization
  • Test ideation and planning
  • Test read, analysis and actionable outcomes
  • Internal test communications and testing team reputation

Taking Flight – You have a solid base and you’re ready to take testing to the next level. Evolytics can provide the direction, tools and statistical sophistication, from a/b testing to understanding the interplay of testing elements with multivariate testing. See the power of experimental design segmentation from matching the best performing experiences to each audience segment, or start using AI to uncover new segments. Extend your knowledge into test personalization, utilizing AI and engagement models to predict the optimal experience for each visitor.


A/B Testing Program Packages

Testing Tool Implementation – Evolytics will assist with tool selection, provide customized testing tool documentation, development support and quality assurance to ensure that site speed, data quality, and testing best practices for optimization are followed. 

Testing Implementation Audit – When a testing tool like Adobe Target, Optimizely, VWO, and Google Optimize is already in place, Evolytics will audit the current implementation to identify improvements in speed, quality, and alignment with testing best practice. 

Ideation Brainstorm – Our proven curriculum is broken down into multiple hands-on workshops where your team will learn the data science of testing and walk away with ready-to-run test ideas connected to your business objectives. 

Prioritization – Evolytics will meet with key stakeholders to understand and document what drives your business. We will then create a scoring system from these priorities to easily see which tests should move forward.

Development & QA – We work alongside your development team to validate your testing process with a focus on improving test creation speed, test recipe display performance, testing splits, and data collection.

Workspace Report Creation – Based on your unique needs, Evolytics creates templates to automate test analytics dashboards and shareable reports for in-process test reads and final findings and analysis. 

Weekly Check-ins – Our team connects with your team each week to review planned, active, and completed conversion rate optimization tests with data-pulls and analysis.

Deep Dive Analysis – Evolytics uses advanced statistics to estimate financial business impact and exposes insights as fuel for future conversion rate optimization tests built on data-driven hypotheses.

Full Testing Readiness AssessmentEvolytics conducts stakeholder interviews, thorough testing tool implementation audits, and full multi-page deliverables. We use a peer-reviewed model based on the evolution of Microsoft that breaks down your testing program across 50 unique criteria that roll up into five areas of focus:

  • Organizational Strategy and Support
  • People and Process
  • Tool Setup and Integration
  • Data Quality
  • Data Access and Governance

Onsite Testing Training – Based on your team’s unique needs, Evolytics provides two days of onsite training at four hours per day.


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