TurboTax had a wealth of data that it wasn’t able to efficiently access when trying to compile holistic customer journeys. Some information existed in one system, while complimentary information existed in another, and customer ids varied across systems, making it difficult to understand the true customer experience. Analysts spent more time collecting and compiling data than analyzing it.


Throughout a decade a partnership, TurboTax has looked to Evolytics as an analytics thought leader to tackle its toughest business questions such as how to integrate disparate systems and create prescriptive Tableau dashboards that allow both technical and non-technical analysts to go on analysis deep dives. TurboTax partnered with Evolytics whose Data Engineering team was able to work seamlessly with its Data Visualization specialists. An enterprise-wide solution was leveraged across marketing, operations and customer care teams, linking website data to back-end customer data in Hadoop and Vertica environments.


A solution was engineered to give cross-functional TurboTax teams access to a holistic customer journey by integrating data sources and designing powerful Tableau dashboards for business intelligence. Speed to insight has increased, and decision-makers have the information they need to support their data driven culture.

Krissy TrippTurboTax Case Study