The official Great Place to Work Certification measures workplace culture through anonymous employee surveys. 

I’m thrilled to announce that Evolytics received the 2019 Great Place to Work Certification. 

As a company that provides a third-party perspective for our clients’ analytics practices, we appreciate outside perspective. This is the third official recognition that we have received in the past few years.

  1. Kansas City Business Journal Coolest Office Space award in 2017 
  2. Digital Analytics Association Top Analytics Agency award in 2018
  3. Great Place to Work certification in 2019
Associates enjoying one of the many perks at Evolytics.
Associates enjoying one of the many perks at Evolytics.

This paints a picture for those who aren’t able to see firsthand that we have an excellent space where we perform great work with fantastic teammates in an awesome culture. 

As a person who spends most of my time recruiting top talent to join us at Evolytics. I frequently get asked the question, “What do you like about Evolytics?” 

I wanted to take this chance to answer that question, because it explains WHY we are a Great Place to Work. 

Early on in my time at Evolytics, I polled a number of  team members with the question, “Why do you stay here?” 

Three themes stood out above the rest. The people, the work, and the opportunity. 

The People

Team members enjoying 'Evolytics Day at the K.'
Team members enjoying ‘Evolytics Day at the K.’

If you take a peek at our website, you quickly gather that Evolytics is full of very intelligent people. From my experience interacting with them, I am pleased to say that they have not let their intelligence go to their heads. Though everyone here is smart, they are also friendly, and nobody needs to be the smartest person in the room. 

They enjoy sharing knowledge and learning new things from each other. Collaboration, knowledge-share, and teamwork are all deeply embedded in the culture. 

Evolytics’ team members are not forced to do it, they prefer it! As a recruiter, I look for these kinds of people. They must be able to do our type of work, but they must also be someone other team members will want to learn from and work with. 

The Work

Quantie award for Top Analytics Agency.
Quantie award for Top Analytics Agency.

For a die-hard or aspiring analytical professional, Evolytics is like the playground of their dreams. 

Want to go really deep in a particular tool or technique? Do it. We will support you. Want to learn a broad swath of technologies and skills to be able to handle problems that haven’t been solved before? Yup, you can do that too. Want to make sure you don’t get stuck in a dying technology and be pigeonholed with an irrelevant skillset? We applaud your foresight and agree whole-heartedly. 

Learn, grow, and evolve in your analytical abilities alongside others who will help you along the way. 

We love our work. 

How is this possible? 

Evolytics has been fortunate to develop a group of awesome clients who believe in the power of reliable data put into action. Our clients trust us to take them to the cutting edge, which means our team members get to go there also. 

The Opportunity

Evolytics has been growing, and continues to grow. 

Our current clients are asking for more, and new clients want in. For Evolytics, that means consistently bringing in more talent to help us serve our clients. 

As we continue to grow, new team members get the opportunity to bring their skills to the table, learn the Evolytics way, then help train others in their careers. That means there is opportunity to take on leadership roles, help build out new disciplines, pioneer new practices, and grow with the business over time. 

The people. The work. The opportunity. 

In short, this is why Evolytics is officially a certified “Great Place to Work.” 

This is also my answer to the question, “What do you like about Evolytics?” 

If Evolytics sounds like your kind of analytics playground, and you’re a friendly individual who loves to collaborate and share knowledge, please reach out to me. 

Written By

Stephen Daniel

Stephen Daniel, HR & Recruiting Manager, has years of experience building stellar teams in the eCommerce, marketing, and analytics industry. He is dedicated to making Evolytics the best place to work in Kansas City and in the industry.