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Evolytics Team Strengthens TMS Capabilities with Ensighten Certifications

Evolytics earns Ensighten CertificationEvolytics is proud to announce that Kevin Bridges, a member of the Analytics Implementation Team, recently earned an Ensighten Certification – further strengthening TMS capabilities across the Evolytics team.

Ensighten is a global leader in omni-channel data collection and tag management.

“In the fall of 2016, I was asked to help out with a data discrepancy issue a client was facing between their analytics and A/B testing systems,” Bridges said.   “My expertise prior to this project was Adobe DTM, and this was my first exposure that required advanced knowledge of  Ensighten Manage. Many aspects of the TMS were intuitive, but this client had a fairly complex implementation, so the task of uncovering data issues was a bit more difficult.”

As Kevin encountered questions related to the conditions, tags, and code while researching, he realized that he was finding most of the answers within the training videos that Ensighten created as part of The Ensighten Certified Professional (ECP) certification program.

“Ensighten’s approach to training was perfect for my style of learning,” Kevin said.“The courses were broken down into bite-size chunks, and most had a interactive quiz section that allowed me to immediately apply what I had just learned.”

Kevin enjoyed these courses and the knowledge he was gaining from them so much, he found himself watching many videos that weren’t necessarily related to the issue he was working on.

“I was even watching them on the weekends,” Kevin laughed. “What can I say, I ‘m a data nerd.”

Kevin’s dedication paid off, and he readily passed the Certification exam. Since that time, Kevin has been able to work with other clients using Ensighten, adding value to those client teams.

“I’m so happy that I have that ECP training under my belt,” Kevin said.“The Ensighten training has also helped me to better understand the ins and outs of other tag management systems, which is a nice side benefit.”
Evolytics is excited to have such dedicated and passionate employees whose love of analytics sometimes translates to the weekend, and we’re proud to be able to support continued learning.

Carey Wilkins

As President of Evolytics, Carey Wilkins provides strategic leadership across Evolytics operations, ensuring continued growth of existing client partnerships and new business efforts. With over 20 years of interactive marketing and digital analytics experience, Carey speaks at digital analytics conferences worldwide and has been pivotal in growing the footprint of Evolytics to include analytics support for some of the world's most recognized and respected brands.

Carey WilkinsEvolytics Team Strengthens TMS Capabilities with Ensighten Certifications