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It’s not easy being new at a small company, especially one with such a specialized focus such as Evolytics.  Although there’s certainly some formality to the on-boarding process, there just isn’t a need for month-long training modules. Evolytics has only about a dozen employees, many of whom were hired for a specific expertise, and, historically low turnover.

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How do you give someone a broad overview of the entire process without overloading them with too many clients? Allow them to take part in a data audit.

Client Personalization

Evolytics certainly isn’t new to data auditing services, but there has been a recent push to create a formalized ‘off-the-shelf’ offering that clients can purchase to get a broad 360 view of their current digital analytics efforts. Luckily for me, two audits were happening simultaneously when I started in late May. This allowed me to see the level of customization afforded to each client. These ‘off-the-shelf’ offerings were tailor-made for each client, focusing efforts on their particular audience and pain points.

The first, and most obvious, point of differentiation between these audits was the reporting tools used by each client: Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics. A comprehensive list of items was created for each reporting tool by Evolytics’ implementation experts with categories such as:

The audience differed for these two reports as well: a company president/senior digital marketing analyst and a team of technical implementation and digital analytics specialists.  This differentiation was clear in the dynamics of stakeholder interviews.

Perfecting the Audit Process

Customer personalization aside, the audits showed a similar process.

  • Numerous stakeholder interviews and working sessions
  • Understand management objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Audit the measurement plan for goals and KPIs
  • Crawl the website for an initial overview
  • QA the website with an extensive checklist, testing a multitude of potential customer scenarios leading to conversion
  • Understand how the client is using the interface and how this can be optimized
  • Diagnose strengths and weaknesses of data integration
  • Create a deliverable with the right mix of business and technical language to please company stakeholders, detailing a road map for quick wins and long term goals
Data Audit Sample Tableau Dashboard

Observing and contributing to the data audit projects showcased a well-rounded view of Evolytics capabilities. By understanding the objectives and creating a measurement plan and then performing QA on the implementation and reporting suite, one gets a strong understanding of how these items affect one another in a circular fashion. The audit itself did not cover much of the data visualization or optimization process that Evolytics prides itself on, but these enhancements came up in the deliverable as long-term goals or quick-wins for clients to consider – one deliverable included an example Tableau Dashboard to aspire to.

Participating in an audit helped to understand the breadth and depth of Evolytics’ digital analytics knowledge.  I believe the same could be said for clients who are new to investing in digital analytics, or clients who invested too much without finding a great ROI. The audit provides an in-depth overview with a clear road map for improvement.

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Krissy Tripp

Krissy Tripp, Director of Decision Science, strives to empower her clients to make use of their data, drawing from a variety of disciplines: experimentation, data science, consumer psychology, and behavioral economics. She has supported analytic initiatives for brands such as Sephora, Intuit, and Vail Resorts.