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Taco Tuesday: An Evolytics Tradition

Evolytics Taco Tuesday TraditionAs a longtime Evolytics team member, I’ve witnessed first-hand the growth and evolution of our company. From a business perspective, this growth has been tremendous. It drives us to be better. Better at what we do. Better at communicating. Better at talent acquisition. Better at everything.

Becoming better at everything, however, is more than just how we change and adapt. In some ways, you could say that it is about resisting change. It is about maintaining that sense of self and preserving the traditions and culture that make Evolytics such an amazing place to work.

One of those traditions, Taco Tuesday, started several years ago when a few of us would make the weekly drive to our local gourmet taco shop for 2-for-1 tacos. Back then, when three or four of us went, it meant shutting down the office for an hour, since that was the entire team. These days, however, taking a party of ten to twelve isn’t uncommon, and we’re still bringing to-go orders back for those who couldn’t join us.

I personally place an emphasis on Taco Tuesday as an opportunity to step outside of our daily routines. It is a time to unwind a bit and get to know our co-workers outside of the office. Whether you’re there to enjoy a couple of tacos, an enchilada, or a vegetarian entrée, it doesn’t get much better than a meal amongst friends.

I’ve heard many new employees, talk about how just the drive to and from our weekly outing helped them adjust in their new roles. These outings provide the opportunity to explore new areas around the office, calling out local amenities such as nearby grocery stores, gas stations and banks.

With the in-office pool leagues on our tournament-ready table and  the beautiful English Landing Park that sits just outside our front door, Taco Tuesday is just one aspect of the Evolytics culture, but an important one. We believe the best employees and teammates are those who enjoy not only what they do, but where they do it, and who they do it with, and we’re confident this is the place to be.

The next Taco Tuesday is just around the corner. Will you join us?

Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson is the Evolytics Director of Analytics Implementation & Data Engineering. Specializing in Adobe Analytics, Brian helps brands including QuickBooks, eHealth, and TurboTax get the most out of their web analytics.

Brian JohnsonTaco Tuesday: An Evolytics Tradition

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