Digital Transformation for the Healthcare Industry

Navigating the healthcare industry’s digital landscape becomes more complex every day, presenting unique challenges and opportunities for IT and marketing teams. Extracting key insights from marketing channels and technology platforms with an integrated analytics approach optimizes revenue streams, enhances user experiences, and streamlines workflows.


Healthcare Sector Solutions


As health insurance marketing continues to evolve from a product-focused approach to a member focus, implementing strategic analytics creates holistic views of members and personalized experiences. Actionable customer service insights derived from analytics includes deeper knowledge about what members want, the challenges they face, and their lifetime value.

While analytics provides huge target marketing benefits, health insurance leaders are using analytics solutions to refine call-routing and scripting with great success. This enhances member interaction, reduces hold times, and more efficiently routes calls. Personalization also leads to connecting individuals with the best coverage using chat technology and other on-demand services.


Patients want to take care into their own hands by researching and selecting healthcare providers online. Leveraging strategic analytics makes it easier for patients to find your facilities, learn about providers and schedule appointments on their terms. Deep insights help providers make more informed marketing decisions that improve the user experience. Marketing tactics backed by actionable insights enable more effective connections with patients where they want to be reached. Even more impactful, is the ability to target the right patients for the right treatments. 

This same mindset translates to improved provider fundraising efforts. Applying business analytics is a proven way to enhance donor experiences and increase donations that support good work for those in need.


Technology evolves quickly for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, medical device manufacturers, equipment suppliers, and healthcare information technology firms. A healthcare producer’s analytics strategy must evolve even faster.

Strategic solutions can provide valuable insights about what online users are looking for, and approaches for extending their visit—reducing friction and churn in the process. An effective initiative will keep users coming back for new advances in healthcare technology—leading to increased conversions for producers, and better experiences for customers.

Let’s Talk Healthcare Analytics

Case Studies: Analytics Solutions for Healthcare

eHealth | MarTech Platform Integration

eHealth needed a coordinated online/offline experience for their customers, and to analyze the customer online journey. They engaged Evolytics to design and implement the integration of call information into other customer analytics.

Kantar Health | Data Visualization

Kantar Health engaged Evolytics to optimize performance of Epi Database— an online epidemiology platform used by top global pharmaceutical companies. Kantar needed support analyzing market potential of new drugs, prioritizing drug discovery, and mapping out key marketing decisions.

NIH—National Cancer Institute | Analytics Strategy

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) turned to Evolytics for help with auditing their analytics processes, tools, and capabilities with the goal of creating a measurement framework that would enable NCI to operationalize analytics into the planning and decision-making process.

Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Customer Data Platforms (CDP)

Data is only valuable in business if it improves revenue. The right CDP strategies provide first-party data solutions across mar-tech stacks to provide real-time insights, enhanced privacy, and improved targeting for individualized customer messages and more relatable marketing content. Whether you’re looking for a results-focused CDP partner, or already have a CDP that’s underperforming, Evolytics will build, optimize, and monetize the right CDP solution for you.


Personal Identifiable Information (PII) Compliance

There’s probably Personal Identifiable Information (PII) in your analytics data. It’s something companies unknowingly collect, believing they’re protected. It happens all the time. But PII poses severe data privacy and HIPPAA compliance implications for healthcare companies. Fortunately, PII in your analytics is a problem that’s easy to solve with expert help. We’ll audit your healthcare analytics, and if PII is found we’ll remove it and keep it out.

Online and Call Center Data Integration

Integration is a frequent challenge for online support and call centers as agents spend unnecessary time managing a range of processes. Integrating systems reduces staff time spent using and troubleshooting disconnected technology. Evolytics analyzes customer care operations and implements solutions that increase profitability and customer satisfaction.


CRO & Churn Reduction

Optimizing your site’s conversion rate is always a smart investment. However, keeping an existing customer is more cost-effective than landing a new one. That’s why reducing churn—customer turnover—can be a more valuable strategy for long-term success than increasing conversion rates.


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