You can’t have a truly data-driven culture without testing.


Our eight-hour training is delivered on-site at your company in one full day or two half days. Our training is designed to strategically prepare your organization for A/B Testing.

We have been on the ground floor, helping to build experimentation cultures and functional A/B Testing teams at enterprise organizations such as Intuit and Vail Resorts.

  • Expertise with leading testing tools such as Adobe Target and Optimizely
  • Proven curriculum designed from scratch
  • Hands-on, customized analysis exercises
  • Real ideation workshop, so you “graduate” with test ideas


The Business Impact of A/B Testing
An overview of how businesses can maximize the ROI of A/B Testing and how experimentation supports organizational goals, especially when ingrained in your organizational culture.

Building a Team
An introduction to the roles and responsibilities associated with A/B Testing and the key skills you should look for when hiring.

Understanding the Process
Evolytics will explain its proven IDEA methodology for A/B Testing which will act as the foundation for the rest of the class.

Using the Tools
Our team prides itself on being able to support any industry-leading testing tool, so whether you’re using Optimizely, Adobe Target, or Google Optimize, we can give your team members a hands-on crash course in the most important features, so complicated interfaces no longer feel intimidating.

Ideation Workshop
Developing data-driven hypothesis from actionable insights is paramount to testing success. We will lead this strategic ideation session with your team, so when we leave, you not only understand how to generate experiment ideas to support your organizational goals, but you have a backlog of tests to kickstart your program.

Test Development
A foundational session to train your team to go from idea to live test. We’ll focus on the basic statistics to estimate duration and design analytics requirements for dev teams.

Executing a Test
A showcase of reporting best practices using your tool of choice as well as a cheat sheet for common testing statistics such as z-score calculations and the business impact of alpha and beta errors.

Advanced Analytics Decision Tree
We’ll walk you through how to use our Advanced Analytics Decision Tree to decide which advanced statistical methods will best serve your post-test analysis, balancing the likelihood of actionable insights with analytic resources.

If you already have a data-driven culture of experimentation, our A/B Testing Statistics 101 training option will enable your team to break free of simplified reliance on tools and truly understand what the business impact of test results and assumptions.  We are also able to customize curriculum using your company’s actual data to make training more directly relevant for your team.

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