Children International (CI) was working on a multi-year plan developed around a goal of serving 1M children within 5 years, and data played an important role in the plan.  There were many stakeholder groups and datasets required to fulfill the long-term plan, and CI needed a third-party perspective on how to prioritize needs across the organization and create an analytics roadmap in support of its strategic plan. 


To help guide the organization’s use of data, Evolytics had to:

1) Understand the current state of data collection and management

2) Develop a future state of data to be collected and associated processes

3) Build a roadmap to get to the future state based on organizational priorities and readiness

Evolytics spent days on site with CI, interviewing individuals from analytics, operations, marketing, donor development, finance, and IT, to understand the wealth of currently available data.  The team reviewed business questions currently answered by the data as well as new questions needing answers, processes for various kinds of data collection in the field, data aggregation processes, reporting needs, analysis needs, processes for reporting and analysis execution, and opportunities for future analysis and testing.


Evolytics’ solutions for CI took into consideration the organization’s unique operational challenges: multi-lingual operations, cultural contextualization of data, staff member safety, limited internet connections, and limited access to transportation. Evolytic’s audit deliverables to CI included a prioritized engagement plan focused on the top five most pressing needs across the Data Lifecycle, a presentation summary of the key findings and recommendations for each stage of the lifecycle, and a detailed written report of all findings and recommendations.

These outputs were shared across the organization and informed the annual project charter prioritization as well as resource allocations. 

Susana Eshleman, CEO of Children International described the success of the project, “We were immediately able to take action based on the findings, and Evolytics is now leading several follow up projects for us, making a positive impact on our operations, and the world."   

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