Analytics with Strategic Purpose

Having clear, strategic measurement to inform your analytics priorities will make for more effective reporting and data insights for your enterprise business. 

An analytics strategy offers:

  • Organizational alignment on analytics needs and associated measurements
  • Critical data for the end users who need it
  • Consistent use of complementary tools across your organization
  • Consistently calculated metrics, as well as common definitions
  • A prioritized plan for addressing your business’s most important data needs, including long-term and future needs
  • Governance to ensure data privacy and security across tools, users, and use cases

Overall, a data analytics strategy will help you align measurement outcomes with strategic objectives so you can uncover areas of opportunity within your business and digital marketing strategies.

How We Help You with Your Data Analytics Strategy

Whether your goal is to scale analytic processes across your organization, make more data-informed decisions, or implement data-driven organizational change, Evolytics can help you build an enterprise framework that will streamline processes, align teams, and nurture analytical thought, using our various analytics strategy solutions: 

  • Analytics Roadmaps 
  • Measurement Plans 
  • Digital Analytics Architecture
  • Data Management 

We understand each organization is unique, and our engagements begin by getting to know your business and key team members on a deeper level through stakeholder interviews that help us:

  • Uncover pain points
  • Identify gaps
  • Prioritize needs 
  • Build consensus

Our focus on strategic priorities sets the foundation for an effective data analytics strategy that drives business results. And our experience at developing and implementing data analytics strategies at an enterprise level—thinking across people, processes, and analytics tools throughout the full data lifecycle—equips us with the knowledge needed to support your success.

Our Data Analytics Strategy Services

Analytics Roadmap Development

Data initiatives should support both short and long-term business goals prioritized according to business impact, organizational readiness, industry impacts, resource availability, other project dependencies, and budget availability. 

In developing an analytics roadmap, we make sure your analytics: 

  • Ensures measurement is in place for long-term strategic initiatives
  • Provides a line of sight into the milestones and work required to achieve your broad goals
  • Informs budget planning
  • Facilitates staff planning
  • Creates cross-departmental alignment on resource prioritization

Measurement Planning & Strategy

A Measurement Plan documents objectives, key business questions, and associated metrics and dimensions. We work with your stakeholders to develop a plan that is right for your business and objectives. 

Creating a plan before a new analytics implementation, a new dashboard initiative, or a new optimization program ensures stakeholder consensus before the project begins. It also provides a strategic foundation for all work that will be done, informing prioritization for your teams when necessary. 

A Measurement Plan will: 

  • Unite stakeholders on key objectives and success metrics
  • Serve as a strategic reference for the technical solution 
  • Guide reporting and data visualization 
  • Facilitate your data analysis
  • Prioritize A/B testing efforts
  • Inform personalized training curriculum for your teams 

Enterprise Digital Analytics Architecture

Your data should be manageable, functional, and capable of integrating with new solutions and technologies. Your digital analytics architecture is where it begins. We evaluate and architect an enterprise approach to your digital analytics tools and systems so you can reduce redundancies and form better processes for efficient and effective use of data throughout your organization. 

If you have an enterprise business with a lot of data and different tools, you may want help designing the overall architecture. We can help with that, as well as specific projects within your digital analytics architecture, including: 

  • Digital MarTech Stack Consultation - we can help you determine which set of tools will work best together to accomplish the necessary use cases
  • Vendor Evaluation - we offer a strategic, proven process for selecting a new platform or tool in context to your unique requirements and needs
  • Process Development - we can help build out processes that ensure efficient digital analytics tools usage and management 

Data Management Strategy

Creating a data management strategy to govern your analytics practice supports consistent data accuracy, data access and availability, data security, and data privacy. This cross-departmental initiative encompasses process, policy, and roles/responsibilities. 

We help you develop your data management strategy so you can: 

  • Treat data like the asset it is
  • Keep your organization compliant and accountable
  • Reduce redundancy in roles and responsibilities
  • Centralize ownership for governance and data management

A data management strategy will allow you to activate your data with confidence.

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