Partnering with best-in-class providers to deliver trusted data solutions.

We have found that some tools are so prevalent in the digital analytics industry that our clients are able to benefit from our partnerships.

Not only do partnerships signify recognized expertise as a trusted business partner, it often means exclusive access to product innovations and unparalleled support when off-the-shelf solutions aren’t meeting your business needs.



As an Adobe Solution Partner, we have recognized expertise in tools such as Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target and Adobe Launch (formerly Dynamic Tag Manager) to ensure your Martech stack is working hard to help you optimize your customer journey.


Evolytics’ partnership with Google Analytics provides your business with the highest level of analytic support, whether it’s through beyond-the-box implementation, actionable data analysis, customized training or advanced knowledge of new tools on the horizon.


Tableau is at the center of our award-winning Data Visualization practice. You’ll find our experts speaking at major conferences on this topic, leading classes on best practices, and frequently blogging about the nuances of data storytelling.


We are a certified partner of Tealium, so we can ensure you get the most from your investment — whether you want to use Tealium iQ as a tag management system or create real-time personalization with Tealium AudienceStream, we have proven experts who can help you integrate systems.


By partnering with Evolytics to implement and administer your Ensighten tag management system, you can feel confident that you’re working with Ensighten Certified experts who will ensure you get a high return on your technology investment.


Whether you’re interested in Full Stack, Optimizely X Web Experimentation, or Optimizely X Web Personalization, our team of Optimizely Certified analysts and implementation experts can help you increase returns on your Optimization Program.


Claravine’s solution helps standardize and govern the process used to launch and track digital marketing efforts. We can lend guidance to your campaign tracking strategies to enable robust data within a framework of enterprise governance.


If you’re looking to automate the data QA process within your code release cycles, ObservePoint is a tool that many enterprise organizations use for quality assurance and data governance. We can help you set up ObservePoint to ensure you have data you can trust.


Segment CDP empowers companies to capture data from every customer interaction and consolidates that data into centralized profiles and audiences in support of data governance. We have successfully integrated this platform with other digital technologies like Adobe Analytics.


DAA Corporate Member

Evolytics is a corporate member of the Digital Analytics Association and frequently speaks at industry events, such as the DAA OneConference, and contributes to the development of DAA content through webinars, recipes, member forums and resources such as the COVID-19 data set for analysts.

Evolytics was named Top Analytics Agency by the Digital Analytics Association, becoming the inaugural DAA Quantie Winner for this global award.

We have also been recognized as a Finalist for Top Analytics Team, Top New Practitioner, Top Consultant and Difference Maker.

Segment & Evolytics | Channel Partner Case Study


A Real Estate client was going through an A/B testing platform evaluation. Platforms being considered were Optimizely, Split, and Adobe Target. A key requirement to the evaluation, and future tool selection, was to leverage an existing Segment implementation to send event data to each platform for reporting, thereby eliminating the need for engineering teams having to add additional tracking, saving time and reducing network traffic.


Our Real Estate client did not use Segment’s anonymous and/or user IDs to retrieve test assignments from the testing platforms. For Split, this means the out of the box Segment integration, which can only be configured with Segment anonymous and user IDs to define traffic types, was not an option. So, instead of using the Split destination, a custom Destination Function had been designed with support for sending Segment events to Split’s event API with the necessary IDs mapped to the traffic types configured in Split.

Similarly, Segment’s out of the box Optimizely destination did not provide a way to further define metrics using a combination of Segment event names and properties. For example, our client’s “saved item” event can fire for both saved listings and saved searches. A property on the event identifies the specific saved item type, and the testing team wanted to leverage this information to report on saved listings and saved searches separately. With the existing Optimizely destination, this required two separate metrics in Optimizely from a single Segment event. By creating a Destination Function leveraging Optimizely’s Events API, mapping the Segment event to an Optimizely-friendly event becomes possible.


Segment’s custom Functions have enabled a rapid, flexible method for executing a testing / personalization platform evaluation. With limited engineering involvement, existing data collection mechanisms (via Segment) are leveraged, providing the right data at the right time. Development and validation efforts are performed by a small, central team, significantly reducing the level of effort and time required.