Tag management systems (TMS) are critical components of consistent, accurate data collection processes. As the volume and complexity of collected data has grown, and digital marketing and personalization efforts have expanded, having properly implemented TMS is more critical now than ever before.

 Benefits of Tag Management: 

  • Data governance of tags firing on different digital analytics platforms
  • Website tag management and app tracking optimizations
  • Centralized data layer to serve as reference for data analysis and needed improvements
  • Consolidation of large volumes of tracking code into a single platform 
  • Faster deployment of new tracking elements

We recommend tag management as a best practice to carry out digital analytics implementation whenever possible. Our recognized expertise includes a variety of tag management systems, which means we can help with your tag management needs no matter which platform you use.

Our TMS Implementation and Consulting Services

Tealium IQ

Tealium IQ helps you fully integrate website and customer data. It is a robust and scalable TMS that offers enhanced functionality to help companies manage large amounts of data.

Our Tealium expertise can help you integrate this tag management system into your data collection so you can manage your customer data more effectively as your business grows.

Within this hub, there are four services Tealium offers you: 

Tealium iQ™

At its foundation, Tealium iQ™ enables organizations to control and manage customer data and third-party digital marketing data across platforms and devices. 

Tealium AudienceStream™

Tealium AudienceStream™ is a Customer Data Platform that combines robust audience management and enrichment capabilities, resulting in unified customer profiles (personas) and the ability to take immediate, relevant, and personalized action with individual customers. 

Tealium DataAccess

Tealium DataAccess will remove common issues of data fragmentation by providing clean and correlated omnichannel, event, and audience data across multiple devices. It helps you extend the power of Tealium iQ, AudienceStream, and other platform integrations. 

Tealium EventStream

Tealium EventStream helps you collect and deliver event data from the cloud so you can have one source for getting your information and sending it where it needs to go. If you have multiple cloud-based sources, you can use Tealium EventStream to bring it all into one central hub.

Ensighten Manage 

Ensighten Manage is another tag management system (TMS) industry leader. It allows companies to deploy, validate, and update data feeding into disparate digital marketing technologies while unifying customer information across brands, domains, mobile apps, and platforms. 

Benefits of Ensighten Manage: 

  • Consent management provides increased security to ensure data governance and privacy
  • Intuitive interface featuring more than 1,200 turnkey vendor integrations
  • Ensighten Mobile allows marketers to easily tag apps with third-party analytics to unify app and web data

Evolytics holds an Ensighten Certified Professionals’ Certificate. We have experience managing enterprise-level tag management implementation projects using Ensighten.

Adobe Launch

Adobe Analytics offers a complimentary TMS to its clients. It is also included as a core service of the Adobe Experience Cloud. 

Originally known as Adobe Dynamic Tag Management, it served as a valuable tool for data collection governance, flexibility, and consolidation of tags, including third-party tags. 

Adobe recently released its next-generation TMS platform called Adobe Cloud Platform Launch (or Launch by Adobe) to replace Adobe DTM. Adobe Launch offers more features and functionality than the previous DTM platform. 

We help organizations implement Adobe Launch or migrate from Adobe DTM to Adobe Launch. We manage the entire migration process, including: code migration, legacy code removal, ensuring data parity, troubleshooting, and testing the new code, as well as training users on the new interface and tool capabilities. 

Google Tag Manager 

Google Tag Manager (GTM) provides all of the basic features of a TMS, such as deploying and updating measurement tags on your websites and mobile apps without major code changes and app releases. 

GTM is free for all users and can be used to add and update Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Doubleclick Floodlight, and non-Google tags. This reduces errors and allows you to deploy tags on your site quickly. We are certified in the Google Tag Manager (GTM) Certified Professional program and can help you with your Google Tag Manager Implementation. We also offer TMS consulting services. 

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