Evolytics is known as leading experts in the analytics industry. We are often asked to speak at business and digital marketing conferences and events to share our proven strategies and insights with enterprise businesses and analytics teams. We also offer training programs to our clients to build out their teams and analytics strategies. 

We hope our data insights and strategies through our analytics webinars can help your business analytics teams advance your strategies and processes. 

Data-Driven Marketing and Business Insights

2020 Virtual Adobe Summit Featuring Evolytics and Invoca Call Tracking

Do you display telephone numbers on your website or in your paid advertising campaigns? If so, then you need to include those calls in your digital analytics to fully understand the buyers’ journey. Invoca offers a call tracking analytics tool that can do just that.

Understanding this omnichannel customer journey will give you a competitive advantage for increased conversion rate optimizations (CRO) for your business.

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2020 VWO Live Webinar Featuring Evolytics About A/B Testing

This webinar is about unlocking information from inconclusive A/B test results.

2020 Anaconda Virtual Conference Featuring Evolytics About Scaling Your Data Science Team

This session is about how we used open source to build an end-to-end data science machine learning platform for basketball predictions. This case study illustrates best practices for scaling your data science team.


Statistical Significance Calculator

The go-to A/B Test calculator, if you know your KPI conversion rate and sample size, you have everything you need.

Z Score to Confidence Calculator

If you have your standardized z-score, this calculator will help you convert that to a confidence level for either one-sided or two-sided tests.

Chi Square Calculator

Determine if the applied recipe influences conversion by measuring the distance of the actual counts from those that would be expected if they were not related.