Combine Your Data for Maximum Impact

Are you dealing with large volumes of data from multiple sources? Our Data Engineering team ensures your data streams are connected and accessible for reporting and data analysis so you can better understand your customer and make data-driven business decisions. 

Using data engineering tools like Hadoop, Vertica, Amazon AWS, and others, we can ensure your data is analysis-ready, according to your predefined reporting requirements. 

How We Can Help with Data Engineering

Our data engineers design, build, and manage big data infrastructures, focusing on the data architecture needed for reporting and keeping data processing systems performing efficiently. 

The Evolytics data engineering consulting team consists of database-savvy business intelligence professionals who collaborate with your stakeholders to understand business needs and then map a solution based on your unique organizational requirements. 

Some key questions we help you answer: 

  • What are the business questions that need to be answered?
  • What data is needed to answer those questions? How does it need to be aggregated?
  • How often are business decisions being made, and is the data available to support that frequency?
  • How does the business expect to scale, and what reporting requirements will likely be needed in the future?

Our Data Engineering Consulting Services

Modern Data Architecture Consulting

We help you save time within your organization with Modern Data Architecture by helping your teams quickly find and unify your data across various storage technologies and digital marketing platforms. We help you collect, transform, and share usable data to business teams to help them make wise decisions on behalf of your company. 

Data Model Development

A good data model helps you properly store and access your data as you need it. There are various strategies and tactics for data model development. We help you choose and implement the best one for your company and business objectives. 

Data Integration and Data Pipeline Development

We help you with data integration across various sources so you can have a unified view of key metrics as you work to make decisions. We can build data pipelines to extract information from these various sources to share with your data warehouse or other digital marketing tool or application, so it can have a greater impact on your business. 

Data Prep and ETL for Reporting

Data Prep and ETL (extract, transform, load) helps convert your data (coming from various sources and formats) into a common architecture to get it ready for analysis and reporting. We help with implementation and training in this area and guide you as you build data sets to improve conversion rate optimization (CRO). 

Big Data and Cloud Engineering

Is your data slowing you down? Do you need a more effective way of storing and accessing your data? You need data to provide insights for your business, but it can be hard for data engineering resources to match pace with the speed of business. Data needs to be collected, stored, accessed in near-real time, and available in a variety of formats (numeric, text, dates, etc.). We help with implementation and management of Big Data and Cloud Engineering to get value out of your data as quickly as possible.

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