Tableau Team Training for All Levels

Our hands-on Tableau training is designed to take your teams from beginner Tableau users to advanced in a matter of hours, helping your organization ensure a return on your investment in Tableau and use your data to its fullest potential. 

We come to you to deliver expert, customizable Tableau visual analytics training in a classroom-style setting. Our introductory training can be delivered in one full day or two half days at your company to provide flexibility in fitting your team's schedule.

Why Choose Tableau Training with Evolytics?

  • World-class Tableau expertise from daily-use practitioners
  • Proven curriculum designed to progress participants from beginner to intermediate capabilities in only 8 hours
  • 40 hands-on exercises give attendees real-time opportunities to apply what’s learned in class
  • More affordable than other Tableau training options
  • Optional training available with 20 additional exercises to teach more advanced technical concepts in 4 hours
  • Participants keep their personal training workbooks and also receive the completed workbook with solutions

Evolytics Tableau Course

Getting Started with Tableau

  • Introduction to Tableau product offerings
  • Fundamentals of Tableau and how to navigate the tool
  • Strong foundation for building first data visualization 

Chart Types Explained

  • Tableau’s most common charts
  • Learn when to apply and how to create each data visualization
  • Most effective chart types in corporate environment 

Getting Technical in Tableau

  • Learn to customize your analyses using: 
    • Filters
    • Calculated fields
    • Groups
    • IF/THEN logic statements
    • Forecasting
    • Parameters
    • And more

Dashboards & Tableau Server

  • Effectively combine worksheets into a central dashboard
  • Design best practices
  • Learn about publishing to Tableau Server 

Data Visualization for Business

This is a series unique to Evolytics Tableau Training. Learn how to best communicate data stories to business audiences in Tableau, including how to balance stakeholder requests with best practices and formatting tips for business dashboards. 

Advanced Concepts (Optional)

Dig deeper into Tableau with advanced use cases for preparing data, calculated fields, table calculations, parameters, level of detail, and more. Learn how to create more advanced chart types such as control charts, bullet charts, and indexes.

Tableau Training Course for Advanced Teams

If your team is proficient in Tableau analytics already, our advanced training options dive deeper into topics like: 

  • Data blending
  • Advanced calculations
  • Proprietary INSIGHT framework for dashboard development

We are also able to customize Tableau course material using your company’s actual data to make training more directly relevant for your team. 

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