Training designed around your team, your timeline, your targets.


Our training programs are designed around one thing: your team’s unique needs. For example, we can:

  • Work one-on-one, during scheduled sessions or on an ad-hoc calls.
  • Work with your technical team to guide them through implementations or specifics that may not be intuitive to a business user.
  • Work with your business team to familiarize them with the tools and how to get the most from them.
  • Organize sequential sessions for specific groups, for example, two-day training with marketers in one group and technical teams in another.

Evolytics breadth of analytics expertise covers many tools; here are a few examples of our formal training options:


Evolytics offers classroom-style Tableau training from some of the most qualified instructors in the country, earning two of 2016’s Top 5 Tableau Public Visualizations of the Year. Evolytics has trained progressive data-fueled brands such as TurboTax, Mint, Roku, Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Hawks, and American Medical Association, and is available to get your organization up to speed quickly with Tableau as well.


With ten years’ experience working with Adobe Analytics, Evolytics is uniquely qualified to train both technical and business users within your organization.  From the technical perspective, we have consulted with companies such as Intuit and eHealth on settings configurations, variable mapping, and governance as part of our implementation process.  From the business perspective, we have handled Adobe Analytics reporting for companies such as Sephora and Quickbooks.  Along the way, we’ve formally and informally trained countless users, setting the foundation for world-class analytics practices.


As a Google Analytics Certified Partner, Evolytics has deep experience with Google Analytics implementation and reporting.  Clients such as Williams Sonoma International rely on our expertise to design and deploy expert tracking, and to interpret results for marketing end-users.  Our training is specifically designed to increase efficiency and confidence with Google Analytics for the digital marketer – someone who relies on data for decision-making, but isn’t formally trained as an analyst.

Evolytics was our top choice for Tableau Training because they’re not just Data Viz experts. They understand business and data, so can help us understand how to best tell a visual story in a way that makes sense to business performance.”

Tad Brinkerhoff Assistant Dean, MBA Programs, University of Missouri