Customized Training For Your Team

Our training programs are designed around your team’s unique needs and to help you get the most out of your data through expert data analysis. 

Our customized training includes: 

  • One-on-one training during scheduled sessions or ad-hoc calls
  • Guiding your technical team through implementations or other specifics
  • Familiarizing business teams with the digital MarTech tools and how to get the most from each one
  • Organizing sequential sessions for specific teams. For example, we can offer two-day training sessions with your digital marketing team and separate training sessions for technical teams

How Our Training Programs Can Help

With Evolytics training programs, we use your tool instance and your data to customize curriculum and training materials - which results in attendees learning and retaining more because hands-on learning is within a relevant, familiar environment.

Adobe Analytics

With 15 years of experience working with Adobe Analytics (formerly Omniture SiteCatalyst), Evolytics is uniquely qualified to train technical, marketing, and other business teams within your organization. 

Technical Teams

We have consulted with companies such as Intuit and eHealth on settings configurations, variable mapping, and data governance as part of our Adobe Analytics implementation process. 

Marketing & Business Teams

We have handled Adobe Analytics reporting for companies such as Sephora and Quickbooks. Along the way, we’ve informally trained countless users, setting the foundation for world-class digital analytics practices.

Google Analytics Training

We are a Google Analytics Certified Partner with years of experience in Google Analytics implementation and reporting. Our Google Analytics training is specifically designed to increase efficiency and confidence with Google Analytics for your digital marketing teams to help them with their decision-making and marketing campaigns. 

We have helped clients like Williams-Sonoma International, Hy-Vee and National Funding who rely on our expertise to design and deploy complex tracking and interpret results for their digital marketing teams.

Tableau Training

Our hands-on Tableau training is designed to take your teams from beginner Tableau users to advanced in a matter of hours, helping your organization ensure a return on your investment in Tableau and use your data to its fullest potential. 

We have trained progressive data-fueled brands such as TurboTax, Mint, Roku, and the University of Missouri. We are available to get your organization up to speed quickly with Tableau as well.

A/B Testing Training

We deliver A/B testing and experimentation training on-site at your company in one full day or two half days. It is designed to strategically prepare your organization for A/B testing so you can engage more customers and generate more revenue. 

Whether you already have experience in A/B testing and need training to improve your testing and experimentation or you’re starting from the ground up, we offer: 

  • Expertise with leading testing tools
  • Proven curriculum designed from scratch
  • Hands-on, customized data analysis exercises
  • Real ideation workshop, so you “graduate” with new test ideas

Our A/B Testing curriculum includes: 

  • The Business Impact of A/B Testing
  • Building Your A/B Testing Team
  • Understanding the Testing & Experimentation Process
  • Using A/B Testing Tools
  • Ideation Workshop 
  • A/B Test Development
  • Executing an A/B Test
  • Advanced Data Analytics Decision Tree

We have helped many A/B Testing teams at enterprise organizations like Intuit and Vail Resorts. Let us help you create or train your A/B Testing teams so you can reap the rewards from experimentation and testing for your business.

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