Get Faster Insights Through Data Visualization

The mind processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text descriptions. Take advantage of this in your data analysis. Currently, your data analysts access increasingly large and complex datasets and have even less time to convert data into business insights - wasting valuable time and perhaps even missing key insights you need to optimize.

Data visualization is the key to understanding your data more quickly and making faster business decisions.

How We Help with Data Visualization & Analysis

We use our data visualization expertise, data analysis strategies, and INSIGHT framework to deliver immediate, clear data insights for your team. Your data analysts can stop trying to manually translate your data and can instead use data visualization and analysis tools to lay out your data in a way that is easy to understand and share with stakeholders. 

Our INSIGHT framework is a strategic, proven process that guides the development and adoption of new data visualization dashboards and business intelligence tools. 

With our experience in data collection, digital analytics, and data visualization, we can help you find the right platforms and visualization tools to display your data in a way that is easy to understand, simple to share, and applicable to your data strategies and marketing efforts. 

Our Data Visualization and Analysis Services

Business Intelligence Platform Evaluation

Business Intelligence Platforms help organizations collect, organize, and analyze their data from various channels to inform important business decisions. 

These platforms are vital for data visualization and analysis efforts, so we can help you start your visualization and analysis journey by evaluating your current BI platforms or helping select a platform that fits your needs and current technology stack.

We have years of experience using a variety of business intelligence platforms, which qualifies us to offer vendor evaluation services to pick the best BI platform for your organization and business objectives.

Tableau Report and Dashboard Development

One of the data visualization tools we recommend to our clients is Tableau. Tableau dashboards feature data blending, real-time analysis, and data collaboration so the data you’re analyzing is always up-to-date and easy for teams to work on together. 

The great thing about Tableau’s reporting and dashboard capabilities is that it does not require programming skills to build custom reports and enables you to compare or combine a variety of data sources simultaneously. 

We help our clients set up their Tableau reports and dashboards, teaching them Tableau practices along the way, and customizing each report with data needed to make important optimization decisions.

Tableau Server Implementation

Tableau Server is an online hosting platform that stores and organizes your Tableau workbooks, reports, dashboards, and data sources. It lets you easily share your workbooks and data visualizations throughout your company to a variety of stakeholders. 

Using Tableau Server, you and your teams can collaborate on workbooks, dashboards, and data sources without relying on static distributed content. 

Power BI Report and Dashboard Development

Microsoft’s Power BI platform collects data from various sources and streamlines the process of reporting through data visualization. Power BI graphs and charts are easy to view and process, so your marketing and business teams will be able to uncover trends and deep insights needed for important business decisions.

Streamlining the reporting process through Power BI Reports and Dashboards will save marketing and business teams time and help them make more informed, data-driven decisions to increase chances of success. 

We can help with implementation and development of your Power BI Dashboards to make sure everything is set up correctly, so you can focus on finding key insights.

Adobe Analysis Workspace Dashboard Development

Adobe Analysis Workspace removes many limitations of quickly building a digital analytics report. You can build custom analysis projects easily by dropping in any number of data tables, data visualizations, and data components to a project. You can create segments, cohorts, alerts, comparison segments, flow and fallout analysis, and schedule reports to share with others in your business. 

Our certified expertise using Adobe Analytics will help you develop Adobe Analysis Workspaces that you can customize to your business needs and objectives.

Google Data Studio Report Development

Google Data Studio is for users who want more than the standard data and dashboards Google Analytics has to offer or if you want to blend other data sources with Google Analytics data. With Data Studio, you have access to a variety of data visualization reports (via widgets), customization options, live data connections, and interactive controls. 

Some of its other benefits include: 

  • Data visualization through highly configurable charts and tables
  • Readily connect to other data sources
  • Easily share with team members and clients
  • Collaboration capabilities for reporting
  • Built-in sample reports to start from

We are Certified Google Partners with experience helping our clients develop and manage Google Data Studio data visualizations. Let us help you set up Google Data Studio, create reports for your business teams, and strategize next steps from those insights.

Data Prep and SQL Development

SQL (Structured Query Language) is used to communicate with a database to extract and prepare data for analysis. This programming language is frequently used to access data and pull it into data visualization platforms. In most cases, we recommend shaping your data for analysis prior to bringing it into tools such as Tableau, Power BI, and Google Data Studio. 

While data visualization tools typically provide some built-in functionality for data joins and blending, preparing data prior to data ingestion improves processing performance and dashboard efficiency in the data visualization tool. Preparing the data prior to visualization also enables you to use that same clean, structured data source across different tools in your technology stack.

Automated and Real-Time Reporting

Save time and improve collaborative efforts for your analysts, marketers, and business leaders with automated and real-time reporting. 

We work to make sure each data visualization platform you consider can enable automated and real-time reporting. This will save you and your team time to reinvest in analyzing the key insights that data visualization reveals for your business. 

Data Storytelling

Data storytelling is the heart of data visualization. It helps you process data analysis in visuals and terminology you can understand to help you make more informed, reliable business decisions and effectively communicate the results of those decisions.

Do you want to be a data-driven business? Data visualization helps you get there, providing you with easy-to-understand visuals that you can quickly interpret to take powerful, actionable steps for your company’s benefit. 

Our experts can help increase your return on investment in data through expert data analytics implementation, testing and experimentation, and data storytelling through data visualization.

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