GA Training for Digital Marketers and Technical Teams

Google Analytics (GA) is one of the most popular digital analytics tools used by companies and digital agencies worldwide. We have extensive GA knowledge and expertise, as well as a Google Analytics Certified Partner qualification. 

We can grow your digital analytics or marketing teams from beginning users of Google Analytics to advanced GA analysts. They’ll learn how to use tools like Google Tag Manager (GTM), report on findings, and help drive quicker, more effective marketing decisions using reliable data. 

We have helped clients like WIlliams Sonoma International, who rely on our expertise to design and deploy complex tracking and interpret results for their digital marketing teams.

Our Google Analytics training course for digital marketers is up to eight hours long and is typically conducted on-site in one full-day or two half-day sessions. While the GA training course is designed for digital marketers who are new to Google Analytics, the content may be customized for your specific audience and knowledge level to get the most out of the class.

Why Choose Google Analytics Training with Evolytics? 

  • Evolytics is a Google Marketing Platform Partner in both Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
  • Training with digital marketers in mind
  • Affordable digital analytics course
  • Customizable training for your team, business goals and metrics
  • Optional hands-on and interactive GA training

Our Google Analytics Training Course

Introduction to Web Analytics

  • An orientation to digital analytics industry methodologies, key metrics, use cases, and best practices. 

Getting Started with Google Analytics

  • A product overview, focused on navigating the Google Analytics interface. 

Accessing Reports in Google Analytics

  • A tutorial on Google Analytics' most popular Audience, Acquisition, Behavior, and Conversion reports to answer common business questions.  Creation of custom reports and dashboards is also covered.

Campaign Tracking Explained

  • An introduction to digital marketing channel attribution methodologies and campaign tracking. 

Using Segmentation

  • A how-to tutorial on building segments, and actionable examples of segmentation use cases. 

Introduction to Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting

  • Learn how to optimize your customer's online shopping experience by enabling this optional Google Analytics reporting feature.  Enhanced Ecommerce provides additional reports, such as: Internal Promotions, Shopping/Checkout Behavior, Product List (merchandising) Performance, and more.

Introduction to App+Web

  • Google Analytics App+Web is a new way to combine app and website measurement in a single Property.  While not a replacement for traditional Google Universal Analytics Properties, App+Web is likely to become the new Google Analytics standard.  This is an introduction on how to start using it alongside your existing Google Analytics reporting.

Introduction to Google Tag Manager

  • Learn how to use this popular Tag Management System to add your own basic website tags to support functionality and reporting in other platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook and Bing. 

Advanced Features Preview

  • An overview of additional features designed to build knowledge about your options for customization, as well as when and how to customize your digital analytics platform to meet your business needs.

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