One-to-One Marketing to Improve User Experience

Automated personalized user experiences are becoming the expectation with digital savvy consumers. Deliver the personalized message your customers want to see through a unique blend of your insider business knowledge, our online personalization experience, and the power of data science

What’s the Difference Between Personalization and Customization?

Personalization is predictive and simpler for your customer. That’s not to say customization doesn’t have its strengths. Customization asks your customer what they want, and allows you the opportunity to provide it for them. 

This can be especially useful for fledgling website personalization programs because it allows you to collect your customer preferences, as they state them, and then mine that data, so future customers don’t have to be asked, you’ll just know. 

Our personalization and UX experts can help you design a solution that makes the most of both personalization and customization. 

How We Can Help with Personalization and Optimization

Today’s Digital MarTech stacks make testing into one-to-one marketing a realistic goal for everyone from SMBs to large enterprises. Whether you’re starting with simple rules, such as location IP targeting, or you’re ready to integrate your offline CRM into your digital user journey, we’re here to help. 

Our Personalization & Optimization programs are designed to help your enterprise: 

  • Discover key audience segments, offering untapped potential
  • Increase revenue through relevant, targeted messaging
  • Drive customer loyalty by promoting what’s in it for them based on their needs and motivations
  • Reduce customer churn by delivering more value with less noise
  • Improve customer experience through consumer behavior analysis, customer journey mapping, and UX expertise
  • Deliver consumer behavior insights that inform big bets, product development, and marketing campaigns
  • Mitigate risk by testing into personalization

Our Personalization and Optimization Consulting Services

Personalization and Optimization Tool Expertise

Our team has worked across of variety of MarTech stacks, implementing and building personalization optimization programs with leading tools, such as: 

Testing and Personalization Platforms

  • Adobe Target 
  • Google Optimize
  • Visual Website Optimizer (VWO)
  • Optimizely

Customer Data Platforms

  • Segment 
  • Tealium

Personalization Engines

  • Certona
  • Braze 
  • APT

We pride ourselves on a tool-agnostic approach to personalization and optimization. We can empower your personalization and optimization team to build custom, CRM-driven segments for personalization that don’t require you to completely rebuild your digital MarTech stack from scratch. 

The WEST Stack with Tealium

It’s one thing to talk about connecting CRM data and stitching devices to deliver consistent, targeted content. It’s another to actually make it happen. We’ve developed a path to deliver personalized content through a Customer Data Platform (CDP). 

One example of a personalization-enabling CDP is Tealium. Tealium offers an industry-leading customer data platform that can deliver omnichannel personalization through a plug-and-play digital MarTech stack, including one that is mostly open-source. 

By using open source options where they’re available, you’ll have the funds to invest in automation, machine learning, AI, and talent to help create an unreplicatable personalization advantage.  

As you can see, Tealium AudienceStream sends visitor attributes to your experimentation platform, triggering personalized user experiences, recommendations, and optimizations. 

AudienceStream attributes can come from anywhere in the customer journey, whether it’s an in-store purchase, on-site action, or email open. 

We call this the WEST stack because it allows all of us to be explorers, paving the way through the digital frontier, building toward personalized, omnichannel customer experiences.

Personalization Fueled by Consumer Behavior Insights

Successful personalization requires a mix of A/B Testing, UX prowess, consumer behavior knowledge, and personalization expertise. Our digital analytic capabilities will help your personalization and optimization team answer some of the most common business problems: 

  • How can I run concurrent personalization experiences without interference?
  • Should I test into personalization experiences?
  • How can we integrate CRM data and on-site behavior for predictive personalization? 
  • How can I personalize as quickly as next-click? 
  • How much data do we need for personalization? How can we start small while building up our customer database? 

While we agree that conversion rate optimization (CRO) is an important part of any personalization and optimization program, we believe we offer so much more than that. 

Our Decision Science team doesn’t stop at black box machine learning algorithms, asking you to trust us, even if we can’t tell you why they’re working. We believe the most successful businesses have a clear understanding of their customer cohorts, and our personalization experts partner with data scientists to develop targeted customer segments with relevant consumer behavior insights. 

These Personalization + Data Science pairings answer business questions, such as: 

  • How many relevant customer segments do I have? 
  • How does brick-and-mortar vs. online impact buying habits? 
  • How can I more effectively reach my different customer cohorts? 
  • How do buying habits differ by geolocation, season, or category? 
  • Where in the customer journey is personalization most impactful? 

Our personalization and optimization expertise and data analysis strategies equip us to help businesses from all industries with their personalization and optimization efforts, answering relevant and critical questions (like those listed above) to inform important business decisions. 

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