Our entry-level A/B testing and optimization packages are designed to kickstart your A/B testing practice through a one-quarter or 13-week co-pilot program. Our goal is to work alongside your team, filling in any knowledge gaps and ensuring your team “graduates” with confidence. We’ll build trust within the organization for your team, your data, and your insights, helping you improve customer experience, increase conversions, and improve retention and referrals.

Evolytics Testing Packages

TAKING FLIGHT: Best Value for Quick Proof of Concept  

If you have a tight budget and need to prove the value of a CRO program to get more funding, Evolytics can partner with you to ensure a successful proof-of-concept. 

Our A/B testing experts will work with your team to generate high-impact ideas, help implement your testing tool, and co-pilot your first A/B Test to ensure everything goes smoothly.  

PICKING UP SPEED: Best for Building World-Class Teams 

This package offers everything in the Best for Building Confidence package with the added benefit of onsite A/B testing training workshops, complete with a customized curriculum based on the needs of your team. 

The best part? We offer the additional training at no cost. We simply ask that your team be able to dedicate two half days to focus on A/B Testing training. 

SOARING: Best for Building Confidence  

Whether you’re getting ready to implement an A/B Test or have the technology in place, Evolytics can help you kickstart your optimization program.  

This package includes a collaborative organizational Testing Readiness Assessment at the beginning and end of the program to show growth. We believe so strongly in our team’s ability to help yours, we allow you to grade our impact. 


Picking Up Speed

Taking Flight

We assist with tool selection, customized testing tool documentation, testing tool implementation guides, and analytics integration, so your developers, analysts, and product owners are set up for success.
When a testing tool like Adobe Target, Optimizely, VWO, and Google Optimize is already in place, Evolytics will audit the current implementation to validate your implementation, help your team solve any critical issues, and list quick wins for improved results.
Developing data-driven hypotheses from actionable insights is paramount to A/B testing success. We lead this strategic ideation session with your team, so when you leave you not only understand how to generate experimentation ideas to support your organization goals but you have a backlog of tests to kickstart your program.
Testing requires resources, and limited resources means there is a need for prioritization. We meet with key stakeholders to understand and document what drives your business. We will then create a scoring system from these priorities and develop a prioritization matrix, so you can identify your quick wins, your big bets, and your don’t-even-bothers.
Successful experiments plan for creative, analytic, and technical requirements. We work across your Optimization team to develop these requirements, and show you how to build an A/B test using your testing platform of choice.
If you’re using Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics, your website experimentation data can easily become a part of your Workspace or Data Studio dashboards, so there’s never a need to manually pull reports. Evolytics will develop an A/B test template for your organization that includes confidence levels and allows you to slice and dice with your analytics data.
Our team connects with your team each week to review planned, active, and completed A/B tests. We recommend also using this time as a working session to discuss analysis and insights.
Evolytics believes the value of our analysts is not in telling you which experiment won, but in the ability to tell you why. Our Decision Science team has expertise in experimentation, UX, consumer behavior, digital marketing, and data science, so partnering with us means partnering with an entire team of experts who apply advanced analytics to your experimental outcomes.
Evolytics conducts stakeholder interviews, thorough testing tool implementation audits, and testing program analysis to deliver a multi-page Testing Readiness Assessment.. We use a peer-reviewed model based on the evolution of Microsoft that breaks down your testing program across 50 unique criteria that roll up into five areas of focus:
  • Organizational Strategy and Support
  • People and Process
  • Tool Setup and Integration
  • Data Quality
  • Data Access and Governance
These packages are not designed to be team augmentation; they are meant to kickstart your testing program by allowing your team to work alongside specialized consultants who are passionate about A/B testing. You’ll get the best results if you invest in Onsite Team Training - two half days of customized A/B testing workshops and training. For a sample curriculum, read our dedicated A/B testing training page.

Want to Learn More About A/B Testing Training?

We also offer stand alone A/B testing training for your team. We can help your team increase revenue, decrease risk, and uncover insights with experimentation. Learn more about A/B testing training. 

A/B Testing Training Programs

Coaching and Strategic Program Roadmaps 

Finding an experienced Optimization Program Owner is like finding a unicorn. Not only are they rare, they may not have many peers within your organization with whom they can talk shop. 

Hiring someone with the curiosity, grit, and aptitude to run an experimentation program is a great alternative. We offer Optimization Program Owner coaching packages on a retainer basis. They allow for regular one-on-one sessions, team meeting observations, and a sounding board from a dedicated senior member of our Decision Science team. 

We help develop the necessary skills to run a successful experimentation program, and guide program owners through our Experimentation Evolution Roadmap, which pulls from peer-reviewed scientific journals, as well as our own industry experience.

It’s difficult finding A/B Testing Analysts who have the specialized skills to analyze A/B test results, build analytic testing requirements, conduct in-depth post-test analysis, and communicate results in a business-savvy way. 

We offer A/B Testing Analyst coaching packages on a retainer basis. They allow for one-on-one data analyst development, data analysis working sessions, tactical learning plans to strengthen business communication or advanced analytics techniques, and a sounding board from a dedicated member of our Decision Science team. 

Data-Driven Ideation for Marketing Managers and Product Owners

Our data-driven ideation deliverable is designed for busy product owners and marketing managers who want to know where to start with optimization and improve the customer journey. 

You don’t have to build an entire A/B testing program to get started with conversion rate optimization (CRO). We will conduct stakeholder interviews to understand your specific business goals, KPIs, and optimization needs. Then, we will work with your web analytics data to build an optimization-centric workspace and deliver a 10-page presentation full of data-driven insights and optimization suggestions. 


Statistical Significance Calculator

The go-to A/B Test calculator, if you know your KPI conversion rate and sample size, you have everything you need.

Z Score to Confidence Calculator

If you have your standardized z-score, this calculator will help you convert that to a confidence level for either one-sided or two-sided tests.

Chi Square Calculator

Determine if the applied recipe influences conversion by measuring the distance of the actual counts from those that would be expected if they were not related.

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