Inform Performance and Optimization Decisions with Reliable Data

Now, more than ever, your organization depends on accurate, reliable data to inform the daily business decisions you’re making during these unprecedented times. 

We offer expert implementation of analytics platforms to help your business. This ability to accurately identify, collect, and verify the data that’s important to your organization opens up greater opportunities for data analysis and using your data in a more focused way.

You can rely on us for cutting-edge solutions designed around your unique data analytics technology stack and business dynamics. Making the most of your analytics platform investment is where Evolytics excels and will help you shine. With enterprise experience across multiple platforms and tools, we help you integrate your data analytics platforms most efficiently within your digital marketing technology stack. 

How We Help You Implement Analytics Platforms

Whether you want to outsource your analytics code development and instrumentation entirely, or you simply need team augmentation to support your most complex technical implementation projects, we help you develop and execute a tracking solution tailored for your organization. 

We partner closely with your development, marketing, product, and analytics teams to:

  • Establish analytics strategy
  • Document tracking requirements
  • Develop technical analytics code
  • Provide a knowledge base of support materials

Our proven approach to data collection implementation ensures enterprise scalability, page load efficiency, and data accuracy for our clients. 

Our Implementation Process

Our comprehensive approach to analytics platform implementations and data analysis strategies help us assist our clients in gaining comprehensive, reliable, and actionable data for their business. We call this the DRIVE process, an acronym for different phases of the implementation project lifecycle.

Step 1: Discover - Implementation Audit 

We perform an analytics audit to understand the full scope, depth, and logic of current analytics implementation to uncover any discrepancies, shortcomings, and opportunities for enhancement.

Step 2: Reveal - Strategic Measurement Plan

Strategic measurement planning helps us understand key questions, business objectives, priority customer paths, and tracking requirements for your business to use as a strategic reference when implementing, integrating, and tagging your analytics data.

Step 3: Implement - Implementation Guide and Setup

Armed with the knowledge of your business needs from the Implementation Audit and Strategic Measurement Plan steps, the technical requirements and methods for the analytics implementation are documented and implemented. 

Step 4: Validate - Testing and Data QA

After the analytics tool is implemented on the website, app, or other platform, we test it thoroughly. We make sure all tracking calls fire correctly and collect and store all required data accurately. We also QA using the reporting interface to make sure collected data answers your necessary business questions. 

Step 5: Evaluate - Reporting and Analysis

After data is successfully collected and stored in the analytics platform, we create reports based on KPIs identified and documented in the strategic measurement plan. We also provide in-depth analytics that help our clients make informed strategic decisions.

Our Analytics Implementation Consulting Services

Digital Analytics Platform Implementation

Optimization Platform Implementation

  • Adobe Target Implementation Consulting
  • Google Optimize Implementation Consulting
  • Optimizely Implementation Consulting
  • Implementation Consulting

Tag Management System Implementation

Digital Martech Platform Integration

Data Governance and Privacy Consulting

  • GDPR and CCPA Clickstream Data Collection Consulting
  • Analytics Platform Data Audits

Customer Data Platform Consulting

  • Adobe Experience Platform Consulting
  • Tealium AudienceStream Consulting
  • Segment Personas Consulting

Analytics Technology Development

  • Adobe Launch Extensions

With decades of experience, we can help you implement your analytics platforms with expertise you can count on and data analysis that will meet your business needs.

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