Our Evolytics team isn’t just implementing and consulting on digital analytics solutions and campaigns; we’re building them, too. 

We want to help companies like yours find the best solutions for data analysis so you can collect and understand your data quickly and make faster, more reliable business decisions to drive company growth. Our innovative technology around data analysis and digital analytics is intended to do just that.

Our Analytics Technology Development Services

Adobe Launch Extensions

Adobe Launch now allows for third-party extensions in its platform to provide more tag management features and capabilities. We have personally developed two Adobe Launch extensions that you can now use in your tag management: 

  • Channel Source Identifier (CSI)
  • Data Element Assistant (DEA)

Channel Source Identifier (CSI)

Our CSI extension allows you to immediately identify and act on traffic source data while a visitor is still on your website.

We have included pre-built channels in the extension and options to add more. Here are the pre-built channels: 

  • Email
  • Paid Search
  • Banner Ads
  • Organic Search
  • Social Media
  • Internal Domains
  • External Referrers

CSI gives you the power to trigger logic based on the traffic source, define real-time audiences based on channels for A/B testing and personalization, and align traffic channel data across different platforms, like Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager, and other web analytics and digital marketing tools. 

Data Element Assistant (DEA)

Our DEA extension allows you to manipulate website data to adhere to tag management formatting requirements for analytics solutions, marketing beacons, or personalization platforms.

You will no longer have to manipulate the data using custom code, which takes additional time and technical assistance.

Some highlighted features of DEA manipulations include: 

  • Calculate - add, subtract, multiply, or divide two data elements
  • Concatenate - join two or more data elements and provide one or more delimiters between those elements
  • Extract - provide an array or a data element that contains an array and then select the position or provide the path to the desired piece of data
  • Sequence - order a collection of data elements to return the first populated value. 

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