Improve Product Experience to Keep Customers Coming Back

Before making changes to your product or service online, you need to know who is using your product, when and how often they are using it, and what features they like and don’t like about it. These data-driven insights should drive the changes you make to your digital product experience so you can increase trials and purchases, grow revenue, and retain customers. 

Product analytics helps you gain real-time insights into customer behavior and user experiences across multiple channels and devices so you can make feature improvements with confidence. 

How We Can Help Strengthen Your Product Analytics

We help you understand customer behavior and user experiences as it relates to your product or service using market-leading analytics tools and industry-proven data analysis. 

We can help you answer your most challenging questions about how to improve your digital product experience for your customers and how to increase conversion for higher profitability with our product analytics consulting services. We start by understanding your business goals, marketing objectives, and customer attitudes and behaviors. Then we help you strengthen your product development and marketing strategies with trusted data collection and advanced data analysis efforts. 

Our Top Product Analytics Solutions


Analytics Strategy

Before anything else, we start with your product analytics strategy to align your measurement outcomes with your strategic objectives. This will serve as a reference for other initiatives at your company moving forward.

Getting Started

Optimization Platform Implementation

We provide technical implementation and strategic consulting services for most testing and optimization tools so you can make website changes with confidence, grow revenue, and increase retention. We have close partnerships and particular expertise with optimization tools like Adobe Target, Google Optimize, VWO, Sitespect, Optimizely, and

Activating Your Data

A/B Testing & Experimentation

We have helped clients earn millions of dollars in incremental revenue through experimentation, conversion rate optimization (CRO), and personalization of their digital marketing efforts. Using digital analytics platforms, overlaid with data science services, you can measure the impact of testing efforts so you have confidence in your optimization decisions going forward. 

Personalization & Optimization

Customers expect personalized experiences when shopping online. Relevant messaging and frictionless experiences are important for building consumer affinity with a brand. Our analytics team will help you deliver personalized experiences, from implementing the technology needed to deliver personalized content, to building the data science models that inform segmentation strategies, to helping you build a personalization roadmap that includes A/B testing strategies for deploying test-and-learn personalized experiences in order to effectively measure the impact of one-to-one marketing programs on business goals.

Data Science

We help you anticipate customer behavior and future outcomes for your business initiatives through applied statistics, advanced predictive modeling techniques, and deeper insights. You can become proactive rather than reactive as a business to improve operational efficiencies and increase profitability. 

Ongoing Growth

Data Visualization

Our data visualization expertise can deliver immediate insights for your team. The automation of reports and dashboards is critical for analysts who want to spend less time on data prep and more time on data analysis. Visualizing the data in a way that's easy to understand and share with stakeholders will increase adoption and usage of the data across the organization.

Developing Your Team


Investing in your people is equally important as investing in technology. We use your data and specific business questions within our curriculum, which ensures your team gets the most out of the time spent in training sessions. From system access to configuration, you will leave with more confidence in understanding how to most effectively and efficiently use the tools and processes your organization has adopted.


Statistical Significance Calculator

The go-to A/B Test calculator, if you know your KPI conversion rate and sample size, you have everything you need.

Z Score to Confidence Calculator

If you have your standardized z-score, this calculator will help you convert that to a confidence level for either one-sided or two-sided tests.

Chi Square Calculator

Determine if the applied recipe influences conversion by measuring the distance of the actual counts from those that would be expected if they were not related.