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Inaugural Adobe Analytics Champions include Evolytics Director of Data Collection

Adobe announced Sarah Owen, Director of Data Collection, is amongst the 12 inaugural Analytics Champions in 2020. I am delighted to announce that Sarah Owen, Director of Data Collection at Evolytics, has been given the prestigious title of Adobe Analytics Champion.  The Adobe press release states that “the Adobe Analytics Champions are a community that

How to Run A/B Tests with Small Sample Sizes

Successful digital optimization programs don’t need unlimited traffic. How to deal with small sample sizes is one of the most frequent questions we get from clients, particularly when enterprise experimentation programs scale and individual business units begin testing on their specific site sections. There are three factors that impact necessary sample size in traditional frequentist

Experiment Nation features Evolytics’ Kenya Davis

Kenya Davis, Senior Manager of Decision Science, was featured in “A Panel Conversation on Experimentation Program Goals” Experiment Nation’s mission? Connect the world’s Experimenters. Share learnings. Spread the passion. Editor Rommil Santiago interviewed Kenya alongside Shiva Manjunath, Jonas Alves, Chad Sanderson, and Scott Olivares for the Experimentation Program panel. Questions ranged from “How do you measure

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