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Pro Tip: Choosing your Adobe Summit Sessions

As you are perusing your session options for the Adobe Summit, we encourage you to check out one of our favorites, S942 Seamless Buying Experiences Using Invoca Call Data with Adobe Analytics, as presented in part by Jim Bradley, our very own Evolytics celebrity (yes, we might be biased on this one!). During this session

Valentines for Data Analysts

Are you a data analyst in love? Or does your significant other work with data? If you answer yes to either question, express your love and affection with these data-inspired valentines. Each valentine represents an essential part of the Evolytics Data Lifecycle, so you can express the important part your loved one plays in your

Should You Hire a Third-Party Analytics Agency?

Improve Data Insights with an Analytics Agency RFP: Partnering with a data analytics agency to outsource or augment your analytics can be a vital component in your data management strategies. When an organization requires specialized data analytics skills, but cannot fulfill this need in-house, an RFP can be used to find the right data analytics

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