Sean Miller, a well-known data visualization leader—especially in the Tableau community—is Evolytics’ new Associate Director of Data Visualization. The addition of Sean to our Data Viz team elevates the dynamic data storytelling our clients rely on to measure the success of business strategies and initiatives.

“I’m excited for this chance to work alongside an amazing group of dedicated, analytics-driven data viz experts,” Sean said. “I feel uniquely aligned with Evolytics’ mission to ‘Make a positive difference with data.’ Joining Evolytics enables me to continue pursuing my passion for surfacing and delivering next-level insights and new opportunities for clients to leverage data for business growth and sustained success.”

Sean’s enthusiasm for data viz and building dashboards began nearly 10 years ago and evolved into a passion when he was introduced to Tableau in 2015. Sean now leads and participates in global Tableau community initiatives. In 2016, Sean received a “Viz of the Week,” award from Tableau, and he’s mentioned in the book “#MakeoverMonday: Improving How We Visualize and Analyze Data, One Chart at a Time.” Among his many other Tableau accolades for innovative contributions, Sean earned the title “Tableau Visionary & Ambassador” earlier this year.

Taking Data Viz to the Next level

“One day, a colleague asked if I’d like one of the organization’s extra Tableau licenses just to ‘try it out and see what you think,’” Sean said. “Little did I know how much that introduction to Tableau would ignite my passion for data visualization and set me on this incredibly satisfying career trajectory.”

Prior to joining Evolytics, Sean worked at Cerner for nine years, where he led the company’s Analytics Center of Excellence. There, he guided Cerner consultants and clients through initiatives geared toward analyzing and leveraging massive amounts of healthcare data. That position also involved working with some of the largest healthcare organizations in the United States, including the CDC, Advocate Aurora Health, Baycare Health System, Memorial Hermann Health System, Atrium Health, Banner Health, among others. 

Shortly after adopting Tableau (and fully embracing the powerful data viz tool), Sean discovered and joined an active and engaged Tableau community (#DataFam) on Twitter. There, he found a group of like-minded Tableau users at various stages in their Tableau/DataViz journeys. Sean went all-in and is now a go-to resource and respected Tableau evangelist, known as @hipstervizninja in the community. 

On November 17, the My Tableau Story webinar series will feature Sean and his innovative contributions to the industry. Episodes showcase the evolving and inspiring experiences of Tableau Community leaders. Tune in to learn more about Sean’s data viz journey. Tune in to learn more about Sean’s data viz journey and why he’s universally regarded as a leader in the data visualization discipline.

Sean’s impact is already felt at Evolytics, and we look forward to seeing how his passion for data viz, thirst for mastering the latest and greatest techniques, and penchant for driving new and innovative approaches to data storytelling, will propel our clients’ businesses further. Welcome to Evolytics, Sean!

More About Sean’s Accomplishments

Sean first published a dashboard to Tableau Public in January 2016, which became the Viz of the Week.

Around the same time, Sean created a blog, which now includes more than 100 posts and 100k+ total views. This is where he shares thoughts, learnings, and Tableau tutorials.

In 2021, Sean started a YouTube channel where he posts Tableau demonstration videos. Each week he hosts a live show about navigating technical Tableau challenges.

In 2019, Tableau recognized Sean as a social ambassador for sparking thought-provoking conversations, and welcoming new members to the community.

Most recently, in February 2022, Sean received Tableau’s highest recognition for practitioners, Tableau Visionary, after receiving nominations from his peers. Visionaries are Tableau practitioners who demonstrate extraordinary talents, mastery, teaching, and collaboration. There are currently only 45 Tableau Visionaries in the world.

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