COVID-19/Coronavirus Update

Protecting the health and safety of our employees, our clients, our partners and our community.

At Evolytics, we are following the guidelines recommended by the CDC and global health experts to prevent the spread of COVID-19/Coronavirus. Currently, most Evolytics team members are working remotely from home, a transition that has had no impact to productivity or client deliverables, as we already had this infrastructure in place prior to this unprecedented worldwide pandemic.

  • With all team members able to work remotely from home, Evolytics is fully operational. We expect no disruption to business continuity during this challenging time, no matter how long the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic may go on. 
  • We have a business continuity plan in place. We have worked over the past years to build an infrastructure that provides for remote workers as well as a backup in every functional position on our Evolytics team so that if some of our personnel were not able to perform their duties for some time, we have the capacity to keep projects moving. 
  • Client demand for Evolytics services remains high. We’re positioned to support more business needs with extra capacity as we continue to hire additional resources to meet ongoing demand. As businesses shift focus to serving their customers online, Evolytics has the capabilities, experience and resources to lead or support digital analytics efforts that will inform business optimization decisions.

We recognize that many of our clients are facing business challenges that are very difficult given the shifts in the marketplace. We are committed to “delivering awesome” through collaboration, communication and compassion. If you are an existing or prospective client and need additional team augmentation support, please contact us.

Evolytics will celebrate 15 years of being in business this year. We have a history of effectively managing through turbulent times and we are confident that – along with our clients, partners and employees – we will successfully navigate through the dynamics of our changing world and be stronger, together.

Stay safe and healthy!

The Evolytics Team