Improve Customer Experience through Adobe Analytics Insights

As an official Adobe Solution Partner, Evolytics has been recognized for expertise in working with Adobe Solutions, such as Adobe Analytics (formerly known as Omniture SiteCatalyst), Dynamic Tag Management (DTM), and Launch by Adobe. 

Specializing in Adobe Analytics implementation since the founding of Evolytics, we have deep tool knowledge and the expertise required for even the most complex tracking implementations. We’ve developed a rigorous process around Adobe Analytics implementation that has evolved over the years and ensures successful and timely completion of Adobe implementation projects.

Our deep knowledge and understanding of this tool helps us with implementation and consulting to assist other businesses in even the most complex tracking implementations. Brands such as Intuit and Kroger turn to us for their Adobe Analytics enterprise tagging strategies. 

What Is Adobe Analytics?

Adobe Analytics (formerly known as Omniture SiteCatalyst) provides valuable insights into customer behavior through the entire customer journey across multiple touchpoints, from marketing campaigns, organic search, social media, traditional website, mobile website, to apps, so you can then identify and address: 

  • How customers navigate your website
  • Where and how successful conversions are happening
  • What challenges and obstacles they encounter along the way

These insights help you make smarter, data-driven decisions to improve customer experience with your product or service, which ultimately helps you increase conversions to your business, grow retention rates, and make a significant impact on your bottom line. 

Knowing where and why a sale came through is key to better decision-making. See behind each conversion and how to get more with Adobe Analytics and our data analysis strategies. 

How We Help You with Adobe Analytics Implementation

Correct implementation and ongoing maintenance of Adobe Analytics is critical to the success of your data analysis, which leads to the actionable insights to move your business forward.

We have specialized in Adobe Analytics implementation and consulting for over 14 years and are an official Adobe Solution Partner. 

We are experts in: 

  • Adobe Analytics
  • Dynamic Tag Management (DTM)
  • Launch by Adobe

Why Adobe Analytics vs. Another Digital Analytics Platform? 

Each digital analytics platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the reasons we recommend Adobe Analytics and its key features

  • Flexible and customizable
  • See entire customer journey 
  • Integrates with other data platforms
  • A secure and reliable platform for your information
  • Tag management system to optimize website and app tracking
  • Leader in digital intelligence platforms

Key Features of Adobe Analytics

It Is Flexible and Customizable So You Don’t Waste Time

Adobe Analytics offers highly prescriptive tracking. You can track, collect, and analyze data that’s important to your organization, which opens up greater opportunities for using the collected data in a more focused way. 

This customization cuts back on inefficiency and strengthens reporting capabilities to help you more quickly figure out how to reconcile an off-the-shelf analytics solution with your company’s unique complexities. 

See the Entire Customer Journey

Discover a more holistic view of the customer journey through Adobe Analytics. You can view their journey across multiple channels (organic, paid, referral, social) and devices (desktop, tablet, mobile), including offline data. This provides customer-centric intelligence without disruption in a single analytics platform. 

Integrates with Other Data Platforms

Most organizations use various tools to support different areas of their business and marketing (i.e. CRM, digital marketing automation, testing, and optimization). One of the greatest advantages of Adobe Analytics integrations is the ability to push clickstream data collected in Adobe to internal company databases. 

You can learn more about all Adobe integrations with third-party tools, apps, extensions, and plugins on the Adobe Exchange.

A Secure and Reliable Platform for Your Information

Adobe Analytics is one of the most tenured and highly developed digital analytics solutions on the market. It helps digital marketers tell the story of what’s happening in their business with data by leveraging high-performance, real-time analytics across online and offline marketing channels. 

Adobe continuously invests in the security and reliability of the data it collects and provides to its clients. Various data security and reliability measures have been implemented by Adobe, including sending and receiving data using HTTPS, RDC servers, and secure FTP. In addition to technical measures, Adobe Analytics also helps businesses with legal compliance, such as California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Includes a Tag Management System to Optimize Website and App Tracking

Tag Management Systems help optimize website and app tracking by providing easier management of analytics code and tracking tags.

We recommend tag management as a best practice to carry out analytics implementation whenever possible, and Adobe offers a complimentary Tag Management System (Launch by Adobe) to its clients. 

Launch by Adobe is their evolution from Dynamic Tag Management (DTM). In lieu of this, Adobe is sunsetting DTM. We can help you safely migrate from DTM to Launch by Adobe. We manage the entire migration process, including code migration, legacy code removal, ensuring data parity, troubleshooting and testing the migrated code base, as well as training the user in the new environment. 

Adobe Analytics Is a Leader in Digital Intelligence Platforms

Adobe delivers “best-of-breed capabilities for data, analytics, and experience optimization while simultaneously balancing this off with a platform offering that integrates all capabilities… Adobe’s offering is ideal for marketing and product teams within large enterprises with mature digital intelligence practices — particularly within the media, retail, and financial services sectors.

-- The Forrester Wave™: Digital Intelligence Platforms, Q4 2019

Case Studies

Vail Resorts | Google Analytics Implementation

Evolytics worked with the Vail Resorts team to innovate around the Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce implementation to understand how paid media impacted application flow performance.

Williams-Sonoma | Google Analytics Implementation

Evolytics worked with the global WSI team to understand key business questions, current pain points with the data, and desired data use cases to implement Google Analytics via GTM which resulted in global teams trusting their website data across brands and geographies.

NCI | Analytics Strategy

The National Cancer Institute engaged Evolytics to help audit their analytics processes, tools and capabilities with the goal of creating a measurement framework that would enable NCI to operationalize data into the planning and decision-making process.