We love learning more about our clients’ businesses. The value of comprehensive stakeholder engagement provides our teams the deep level of understanding about business processes, organizational culture, and the people they serve, which improves how we develop and deliver best-in-class analytics solutions. One client engagement with Outreach International took us around the world for an interactive and inspiring glimpse into their operations.

It’s been a rewarding experience for Evolytics staff to work with Outreach International on data science and business intelligence initiatives intended to optimize fundraising, donor relations, marketing, reporting, and extending the reach of their important work. As a nonprofit NGO that addresses global poverty-related issues, Outreach International is quite different from most of our other clients. Every day, they facilitate community-led development programs that sustainably address poverty-related issues in 10 different countries, using an extremely unique approach to creating life-changing transformation for those who need it most.

From our office in Kansas City, it’s nearly impossible to grasp the full gravity of all that goes into Outreach International’s field missions to improve the quality of life for people in remote locations so far away, in cultures and living conditions so different from our daily realities here. Sharing the belief that increased knowledge of their operations would benefit the outcomes of our collaborative partnership, they invited two members of the Evolytics project team—Krissy and Joe—to join their field team on a trip to Nepal.

Outreach International
A youth group (18-28) that formed in one of the villages Krissy and Joe visited. Standing in front of their kitchen, where they prepared a welcome meal before showing off their projects

During the past several days, our staff observed two villages during and directly after their graduation ceremonies. Graduation ceremonies occur once communities are stable and no longer need the support of Outreach International—like many graduations, it’s a bittersweet celebration that occurs after years of partnership and hard work, and it marks the next phase for that community. It’s been incredibly eye-opening for Krissy and Joe to witness the complex and tightly coordinated inner workings of how Outreach International delivers critical services to at-risk populations in multiple Nepalese communities.

Nepalese women graduating
As Krissy and Joe were given a tour by women who participated in an Outreach International community improvement program, they learned how the water filtration system they helped build works and how the new, clean water impacts their quality of life.

We’re fortunate for this opportunity to see Outreach International in action—deploying field services—and we know it will go a long way toward enhancing our work together. This shared experience will further develop and strengthen the Outreach International-Evolytics collaborative partnership and how we’ll use data science in the future to (ideally) support the global impact and breadth of the services they deliver into even more communities.

The local Nepali people were proud to take Krissy and Joe on tours of their beautiful country and share facets of Nepali culture and history with them. In one legendary account, Buddha sat under this specific type of tree on his journey to enlightenment.

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