The Alteryx Grand Prix consists of 10 Racers Chosen from a Global Pool of Alteryx experts.

The Alteryx Grand Prix is an annual competition that puts analysts in the driver’s seat, pitting them against one another in a race to solve analytic challenges as quickly as possible using Alteryx. In this year’s first ever Virtual Grand Prix, analysts competed to be one of 10 finalists to race in this worldwide competition. 

I’m excited to announce that Evolytics Data Scientist Kelsey Kincaid is one of the 10 finalists for the 2021 Alteryx Grand Prix. 

“We’re all very proud of Kelsey,” Decision Science Director Krissy Tripp said. “I know I get to work with a world-class team, and this is just one more data point to prove that.” 

Kelsey is an integral part of the Alteryx practice at Evolytics. 

“From day one at Evolytics, Kelsey has been able to level up our automation program,” Jean-Luc Etienne, Senior Analyst of Strategy & Analysis, said. “She saved weeks of analyst effort on scheduled workflows and templates for API integrations, data connectors, and large data processing tasks.” 

As one of our Alteryx subject matter experts who holds the Alteryx Designer Advanced Certification, Kelsey helps our enterprise clients get the most from their Alteryx investment. With many possible use cases for both data engineering and data science, our clients appreciate Kelsey’s consultation on how they can continually leverage Alteryx in new ways.

“After seeing usage at a variety of companies, it seems like we are able to use Alteryx in a broader sense than the rest of the industry because it is not being leveraged distinctly as an analysis tool or a pipeline, but more as a hybrid of both,” Strategy & Analysis Analyst Luke Youtsey said. “Kelsey has been a huge part of that, or at least she pushes my understanding of how Alteryx can be utilized in new and fresh ways.” 

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Written By

Carey Wilkins

As President of Evolytics, Carey Wilkins provides strategic leadership across Evolytics operations, ensuring continued growth of existing client partnerships and new business efforts. With over 20 years of interactive marketing and digital analytics experience, Carey speaks at digital analytics conferences worldwide and has been pivotal in growing the footprint of Evolytics to include analytics support for some of the world's most recognized and respected brands.