Analytics Developer Sabrina Reyes participated in MeasureTalks, discussing all things baking with analytics professionals

It’s no secret that the Evolytics team celebrates March 14th as its own in-office holiday filled with pie taste tests, baking contests, and pi facts. As far as team building activities go, our food-based A/B Test days are some of my favorites. 

While social distancing may put a damper on any group taste testing festivities, I recommend listening to MeaureTalks #37: Bakealytics to get in the Pi Day mood. You’re not going to learn anyone’s super secret apple pie recipes passed down from a great grandmother, but you will get to listen to fellow analysts discuss their take on pie, baking, and the best measurement methods. 

Did you know it’s more accurate to measure flour by weight instead of volume? Or that different flour types have different weights, and if your KPI is mouth-watering perfection, understanding the different metrics matter? Are you curious where you should stop on a Pie Tour of the United States? Shout out to Upper Crust Bakery in Kansas City for making the list! I know I’ll be trying the 3rd Friday Pie Flight next time I’m in the neighborhood. 

This group doesn’t promise any definitive answers to the topics above, but there’s plenty of stimulating conversation. 

Celebrate Pi Day the right way, with math facts, actual pies, and this MeasureTalks episode.

Did you know Albert Einstein’s birthday was March 14? 

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Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson is the Evolytics Sr. Director of Analytics Development. Specializing in Adobe Analytics, Brian helps brands including QuickBooks, eHealth, and TurboTax get the most out of their web analytics.