These nerdy Valentines will make the data analyst in your life feel the love

Are you a data analyst in love? Or does your significant other work with data? If you answer yes to either question, express your love and affection with these Valentines for data analysts!

Nerdy Valentines KPIsNerdy Valentines SQLNerdy Valentines StatisticsNerdy Valentines DataNerdy Valentines AnalyzeNerdy Valentines Data Visualization

Each valentine for data analysts represents an essential part of the Evolytics Data Lifecycle, so you can express the important part your loved one plays in your life. Feel free to print and share with someone you adore or shout your love from the digital mountaintop by sharing on your preferred social platform. Just remember to tag the object of your affection, so your boo or bae actually sees it 😉

Valentines for Data Analysts Copy by Chase Porter, Director of Data Operations
Valentines for Data Analysts Graphic design by Krissy Tripp, Director of Decision Science

Written By

Chase Porter

Chase Porter, Director of Data Operations, guides clients through the process of accessing, visualizing, and sharing data. His primary specialty is integrating, visualizing, and analyzing data from numerous systems to assess multi-channel program effectiveness and optimize conversion performance. He also provides analytical thinking and strategic guidance supporting performance analysis and program optimization for clients such as St.Jude/ALSAC, LogMeIn, and Intuit. Chase was nominated as a 2019 DAA Difference Maker Finalist.