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Moving from Google Optimize to Amplitude Experiment

Switch from Google Optimize to Amplitude Experiment

Measuring Success in A/B/n Testing Programs

Learn about the best mix of metrics testing programs should use to measure outcomes and successes of A/B tests.

What’s the Optimal Success Rate for an A/B Testing Program?

How do you determine the optimal success rate for A/B tests? Learn how to aim for the best outcomes.

Migrate to One of These A/B Testing Platforms Before Google Optimize Sunsets

Our expert A/B Testing and Experimentation Team is here to help you migrate and maximize your testing program before Google Optimize sunsets.

Go Ahead, Take a Peek at Your Testing Data!

What if there was a way to monitor data as you collect it—while maintaining statistical integrity? With sequential testing, peeking is allowed—even encouraged.

How to Optimize Testing Programs Using the Shared Control Group Method

Here’s an approach to supplementing Universal Holdout experiments by using the Shared Control Group method.

Celebrating Pi Day with Data Science & Pie

I Designed an experiment to determine if I’m Evolytics’ best chef On March 14, 2022, Evolytics team members brought their favorite into the office for our annual Pie Day contest—some competitors brought in homemade pies, …

Building the Perfect A/B Test Read

Ask the author about a free A/B Test Read Template Components of an A/B Test Read It’s important to not only test, but also to report out your learnings. The learnings are arguably the best …

Three Questions You Should Be Asking About Your A/B Testing Results

Is your A/B Testing program failing to translate into business impact? Have you ever had two analysts pull data in perfectly accurate, logical ways, only to reach different conclusions? A clear, holistic understanding of your …

How to A/B Test During COVID-19

A field guide to experimentation in spite of coronavirus and finding the new normal When the effects of the coronavirus pandemic began showing up in my datasets, I struggled to find the new answers for …