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Measuring Success in A/B/n Testing Programs

Learn about the best mix of metrics testing programs should use to measure outcomes and successes of A/B tests.

Analytics & Data Science During a Recession: Maximizing Revenue in Hard Times

Learn why an analytics and data science playbook should be part of your recession plan.

What’s the Optimal Success Rate for an A/B Testing Program?

How do you determine the optimal success rate for A/B tests? Learn how to aim for the best outcomes.

Google to Auto-Migrate UA Properties to GA4 Unless You Act Now

Google recently announced plans to automatically migrate all Standard Universal Analytics properties to GA4 after Feb. 28, 2023. What does this mean for your analytics, and what should you do (if anything)?

Are Bots Attacking Your Website Analytics?

Is bot traffic distorting the metrics in your website analytics? Learn more about bots, what they do, how they can impact your reporting, and what you can do about it.

Inaugural VizJam Takes on the Billboard Hot 100

Evolytics kicks of VizJam—a fun monthly event designed for our team to practice and build upon data storytelling skills. Check out how we approached data from the Billboard Hot 100 in our inaugural “jam session.”

Why You Need a Consent Management Platform for Your Website

Learn how a Consent Management Platform keeps websites compliant with privacy regulations and provides transparency about how users’ data is collected and used.

Go Ahead, Take a Peek at Your Testing Data!

What if there was a way to monitor data as you collect it—while maintaining statistical integrity? With sequential testing, peeking is allowed—even encouraged.

How to Build a Successful Data Science Discipline

Learn how your organization can benefit from building its own successful in-house data science discipline, augmented with external resources.

Evolytics’ John Carney a 2022 Finalist for the DAA’s Top Consultant Award

Each year, the Digital Analytics Associations’ Quantie awards recognize “the best and brightest individuals in digital analytics,” with peer-nominated and -judged awards. We’re thrilled to announce that our own John Carney is a finalist in this year’s Top Consultant category!