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Collecting Too Much Healthcare Marketing Data Will Paralyze Your Analytics

Collect the Right Marketing Data. Integrate Your Stack. Activate Your Insights.

How Health Insurance Companies Benefit from CDPs

Engaging customers with a CDP analytics solution creates new revenue-generating and retention opportunities for insurance companies.

Tealium Releases “2022 State of the CDP Report”

The 2022 State of the CDP Report presents findings collected after surveying more than 1,000 marketing and business leaders in the healthcare, financial services, retail, and tech industries about Customer Data Platforms.

Should You Hire a Third-Party Analytics Agency?

Improve Data Insights with an Analytics Agency RFP Partnering with a data analytics agency to outsource or augment your analytics can be a vital component in your data management strategies. When an organization requires specialized …

What, Exactly, is a Data Layer and Why do I Need One

One of my long-time issues with my chosen profession is that it tends to create meaningless buzzwords and catch-phrases at a dizzying pace. Magazine articles, speeches at conferences, sales presentation and, yes, blog posts frequently …

Revealing Gaps in Analytics Data

An Introduction to the data AUDIT Framework Do any of the following statements resonate with you, or, maybe, describe how others feel at your company? I don’t trust my analytics data.Web analytics doesn’t match my …

Turning Data into Donations for Not-for-Profit Organizations

Charities don’t just run on mission statements and good intentions. Donations fuel the charitable programs that make a difference in the world. The Urban Institute reports that private charitable giving is the number one source …

Observing a Digital Analytics Data Audit

Getting a crash course in everything Evolytics It’s not easy being new at a small company, especially one with such a specialized focus such as Evolytics.  Although there’s certainly some formality to the on-boarding process, …

Monetizing the Benefit of Online Customer-Care

About two and half years ago, we were working on a project for a major telecommunications company with the sole purpose of shifting calls out of the call centers, and creating a self-support experience online …