Data is only valuable in business if it improves revenue. A Customer Data Platform (CDP) empowers companies to unify customer data and make it available to all systems in mar-tech stacks. The right CDP strategies provide real-time insights, enhanced privacy, and improved targeting for individualized and relatable marketing content.

As many industries scramble to find solutions for a post-third party, cookie-less world, the value of investing in a solid CDP skyrocket—especially with a performance-based implementation strategy.   

Tealium, a leader in real-time customer data orchestration is also a valued Evolytics partner in CDP implementation and optimization for our clients. In addition, Tealium conducts thorough research and provides resources about CDP innovations and trends for a breadth of markets and industries.

Recently, Tealium released 2022 State of the CDP Report—findings collected after surveying more than 1,000 marketing and business leaders in the healthcare, financial services, retail, and tech industries.

Findings clearly indicate that customer experience is a top priority for all industries—more than ever. The report also shows:

·     In healthcare, there’s a shift from last year in prioritizing customer acquisition over retention
·     Technology spending among all marketers continues to rise
·     CDPs yield quick and tangible increases in ROI across the board
·     Executive are embracing artificial intelligence to achieve high-priority marketing objectives
·     Executives expect CDPs to address customer experience, loyalty, and acquisition challenges

In conclusion, Tealium found that for all respondents it’s not a matter of IF companies should purchase a CDP, but WHICH ONE.

We’re big fans of Tealium at Evolytics, and we’ve been fortunate to partner with them on building, optimizing, and monetizing their CDP platforms with great results for many valued clients.

Get in touch with us if you want to know more about how we can leverage Tealium’s CDP tech to your advantage, or if you just want to learn more about CDP solutions in general.

Be sure to check out Tealium’s “2022 State of the CDP Report: The Art of What’s Possible in the Age of Data”