As daily Tableau users know, there are many ways to do the same things for efficiency, to save time, or to solve simple problems is such a way that produces a slightly different outcome. This is the case when comparing current year values to prior year values, which is a frequent request from our stakeholders.

This video demonstrates how Evolytics uses a Date Equalizer field in Tableau to bypass limitations that occur when using out-of-the-box functions for comparing CY and PY values. We hope this helps in your daily Tableau work and improves how you perform this common function.

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How Evolytics Gets Faster Insights with Data Visualization & Analysis

We use our data visualization expertise, data analysis strategies, and INSIGHT framework to deliver immediate, clear data insights for your team. Your data analysts can stop trying to manually translate your data and can instead use data visualization and analysis tools to lay out your data in a way that is easy to understand and share with stakeholders.

Our INSIGHT framework is a strategic, proven process that guides the development and adoption of new data visualization dashboards and business intelligence tools.

With our experience in data collection, digital analytics, and data visualization, we can help you find the right platforms and visualization tools to display your data in a way that is easy to understand, simple to share, and applicable to your data strategies and marketing efforts. 

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