Kenya Davis, Senior Manager of Decision Science, was featured in “A Panel Conversation on Experimentation Program Goals”

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Sr Manager Decision Science

Editor Rommil Santiago interviewed Kenya alongside Shiva Manjunath, Jonas Alves, Chad Sanderson, and Scott Olivares for the Experimentation Program panel.

Questions ranged from “How do you measure the performance of an Experimentation Program?” to “How do you document your experiments, and what tools do you use?”

Read the full panel discussion on Medium here.

This isn’t the first time Rommil has interviewed Kenya. During her tenure as the A/B Testing Program Manager at Lowe’s, Kenya was interviewed about the challenges of running an experimentation program at a large corporation. Read that interview here.

The tool in which you document is not the piece that matters. What matters is the consistency, accessibility/maintenance, and what exactly is captured.

— Kenya Davis, Sr Manager of Decision Science

If you’re interested in seeing more from the Evolytics Decision Science team, stay tuned for Kenya’s upcoming Webinar in partnership with VWO.

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Krissy Tripp

Krissy Tripp, Director of Decision Science, strives to empower her clients to make use of their data, drawing from a variety of disciplines: experimentation, data science, consumer psychology, and behavioral economics. She has supported analytic initiatives for brands such as Sephora, Intuit, and Vail Resorts.