We’re excited to announce that for the second year in a row, Kelsey Kincaid, our senior manager of data science, and Alteryx power user, will compete in the Aleryx Grand Prix on stage at the Inspire America’s Alteryx conference in Denver on May 18. Of all the Alteryx experts from all over the world who registered and participated in virtual qualifying rounds in April, she was one the top five racers!

Due to Covid, last year’s Grand Prix was a virtual event and consisted of 10 finalists. This 2022 championship is a live, main event-styled battle of the five very best Alteryx users and will be cheered on by an actual live crowd. It typically lasts about an hour.

The Alteryx Grand Prix is a three round race, and the objective is to solve analytics problems the fastest. The first round focuses on Data Prep and Analysis, the second is Spatial Data, and the third and final round is on Predictive Analytics. Each finalist is given data and a goal, and the slowest in each heat drops out until three are left. The champ is the fastest of the three to solve the last problem, and we have a feeling (after witnessing her Alteryx chops first-hand every day) that Kelsey could and should emerge triumphant!

“I’m honored to compete for the 2nd year in a row with such amazing thought leaders and practitioners. After getting knocked out of the competition last year because of faulty RegEx, I made sure to invest time in sharpening my skills,” Kelsey said. “That is part of what I love about this event—I learn so much from the other competitors and walk away a better analyst. It proves that no matter how skilled you are, you can always improve.”

In preparation for the Grand Prix, Kelsey works through previous years’ Grand Prix problems and times herself, repeating as she gets faster and faster. Alteryx also posts weekly challenges online that she does, choosing the more difficult ones every few days, working to get better and faster.

“I’m going to have a blast racing on stage in front of a live crowd in Denver this year, and I’m eagerly awaiting this rematch,” Kelsey said.

Everyone on Team Evolytics is looking forward to it as well, and very proud of our Alteryx hero. We’ll report back with the results of the 2022 Alteryx Grand Prix and hope to even post a video when one is released. You got this, Kelsey—congrats and good luck!