Chances are that if you are a Twitter user, you’re probably using the service via your mobile device. As the Wall Street Journal reports, at least 85% of Twitter users access it from their phone or tablet. As someone who falls into this category, I’d be lying if my narcissistic side wasn’t curious about how my Tweets “performed,” all from the convenience of my phone. So, it is with fingers crossed that Twitter’s recent experiment with in-tweet analytics becomes a permanent part of its mobile app.

Although desktop Twitter analytics have been available for some time, it was a surprise when I updated my Twitter iOS app a few weeks back and saw an “analytics details” option the next time I opened the app. Usually seeing something like that would take making use of Twiends or the like, but here it was natively:

Twitter In Tweet Analytics Screen 1

Tapping the “View Analytics Details” button provides an instant snapshot of how individual Tweets are performing. The analytics provided are dependent on the type of content in the Tweet, and the interactions that occur. For instance, the Tweet above did not include media, e.g., photo, video, etc., but it did include a hashtag, so we see analytics for this attribute of the Tweet. Additionally, no one replied to or re-tweeted this tweet, but there were multiple favorites, so that is the dimension we see in the analytics snapshot. This sort of insight is great for a real time barometer of sorts for your Tweets’ performance, and provides instant actionable data to the user.

Twitter In Tweet Analytics Screen 2

It is Twitter’s company policy not to comment on experimental features, so there’s no way of knowing whether in-tweet analytics will become a permanent addition to the Twitter mobile app at this time. After using the new feature for the last few weeks, I can see how it would be an excellent supplement to the comprehensive analytics Twitter offers for use in its desktop client. Here’s to hoping the company decides to incorporate the feature in future releases of its app.

Twitter In Tweet Analytics Screen 3

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