Before partnering with Evolytics the Williams Sonoma International (WSI) team faced a common problem: no one had any confidence in the analytics data. The standard Google Analytics implementation across four brands (Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, West Elm, and Williams Sonoma) and multiple countries fell short on several fronts: differences in time zones, currencies, and pricing structures introduced discrepancies in the data that hindered comparisons across geographies, and a lack of customization in the analytics implementation rendered product and revenue data inaccurate.


Leveraging Evolytics’ proven DRIVE process, we worked with the global WSI team to understand key business questions, current pain points with the data, and desired data use cases. These inputs contributed to a new Measurement Plan, which served as a blueprint for a new Google Analytics implementation via Google Tag Manager (GTM). In addition to solving for the discrepancies in the data, the new implementation also included all of the Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce use cases, providing new marketing and merchandising insights for eCommerce managers.


Data driven decision-making has increased within the global team as trust in the data has been re-established. In addition to the new reporting available with Google Enhanced eCommerce and a custom implementation, the instrumentation of GTM has empowered the global team to bring much of the analytics tracking maintenance in-house.