On behalf of Evolytics, I’m excited to share that my friend and colleague Marc Richard has been selected as a finalist for the Quanties Top Consultant award. I’ve had the pleasure of working directly with Marc on projects and know firsthand that he’s top-notch at developing thoughtful tracking strategies and innovative data collection solutions.

Marc is nominated for his many contributions which include developing new KPIs, analyzing test results statistically, introducing new technologies, developing governance standards, training others, and producing analytic results that boost KPI performance.

One notable example of Marc’s work is his creative approach to tracking job applications for an Evolytics client using Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce tracking. This client wanted to measure online job application flow performance for various business units while leveraging Google Analytics (GA) marketing channel attribution. Ecommerce has adapted to the landscape around it, for example, it has been said that more people now use their phones to buy online as it is quicker and they can do it from anywhere and everywhere. These 20 mobile ecommerce statistics delve into this area further and can provide more background for businesses who are trying to adapt their online selling and marketing for a wider audience.

The job application flow included viewing job descriptions on one site and submitting a job application form on a second site. Marc first implemented Google Analytics cross-domain tracking to identify the same visit and visitor across the two sites.

Marc then had to solve for tracking multiple job applications per session. Standard goal tracking wouldn’t work because GA won’t track more than one goal completion per session. So, he came up with a creative solution. Why not treat job applications like ecommerce transactions, since GA will track multiple transactions in a session?

After landing on the Enhanced Ecommerce (EE) framework, Marc discovered that different job application steps intuitively connected to other EE Metrics. Here’s how Marc mapped the full job application process to Enhanced Ecommerce metrics:

Once Marc implemented job-level data collection for the full job application process, he turned to Google Data Studio for reporting. Using the Data Sources editor in Data Studio, he renamed the default ecommerce metrics and dimensions to match the job application flow steps and job attribute names.

Combining Google Analytics’ Enhanced Ecommerce tracking and Data Studio reporting, this client is now able to see the full job application funnel at both the business unit and job level. The client can now analyze and optimize marketing channel mix and the job application form to drive higher levels of qualified job applicants!

I admire Marc’s creative and optimistic approach to analytics. Someone else could’ve easily said tracking multiple goals per session just isn’t possible in Google Analytics and left it there, but not Marc. He explored all possibilities, thought outside the box, and applied existing functionality in an innovative way. He then went the extra mile to show the client how to turn this new data into insights in a dashboard. He purposefully instills this same mindset in his data collection team on a daily basis as well. Please join me in celebrating Marc’s ongoing contributions to his clients, his team, and Evolytics!

Written By

Chase Porter

Chase Porter, Director of Data Operations, guides clients through the process of accessing, visualizing, and sharing data. His primary specialty is integrating, visualizing, and analyzing data from numerous systems to assess multi-channel program effectiveness and optimize conversion performance. He also provides analytical thinking and strategic guidance supporting performance analysis and program optimization for clients such as St.Jude/ALSAC, LogMeIn, and Intuit. Chase was nominated as a 2019 DAA Difference Maker Finalist.