In the last decade, Google has only made a few significant updates to its Google Analytics product. In 2012 we saw the transition from Classic Analytics to Universal Analytics. In 2016, a premium version of GA was announced. Otherwise, product updates have generally been limited to the rollout of new features or the sunsetting of existing ones. 

In October 2020, Google announced the latest evolution of Google Analytics: Google Analytics 4, or GA4 (formerly known as “App + Web”). Arguably this is the biggest change to the GA landscape we’ve seen so far. 

Marketers quickly need to learn a new platform and adapt to a totally different method of reporting. While we love getting into the weeds, we know there’s a lot to learn and you’re short on time. That’s why Evolytics is announcing a new blog series on the GA4 topics you need to know—GA4 in 400 Words (Or Less). 

Over the course of the series, we’ll cover why you need GA4, how to get started, the new data model, core reporting changes, and more.

Read the first post in the series now, Why Your Business Needs Google Analytics 4.

Written By

Caitlin McCluskey

Analytics, data visualization, and an intense love of learning are the driving forces behind Caitlin McCluskey-FItch. As an analytics professional, she excels at uncovering meaningful stories in complex data sets. She demonstrates her passion for data visualization by frequently participating in the weekly Makeover Monday challenge.

Caitlin loves a good challenge and, like any good consultant, enjoys tackling the complexities of learning a new account or industry. In 2018, one client told Caitlin that she knew their business better than 80% of their employees.