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Introducing Tableau 201: A Resource for the Aspiring Data Viz Practitioner

Dear Tableau User,

It has been my goal for quite some time to find a platform that would allow me to pay forward all of the Tableau lessons that I have picked up from the community over the years – the tips and tricks that have shaped my work along the way and that continue to inspire me to take shots at offering new takes on the practice. The Tableau forums offer a wealth of information and have answered thousands of specific questions, but I have never felt I could keep up with the timeliness of the amazing respondents already there. I have been proud of the innovative visualizations published on my personal blog, OSMGuy.com, but that is my personal portfolio, and it doesn’t feel like the appropriate venue for explaining how the visualizations are created.

Tableau201Evolytics recently re-launched the site you are using, and there is now an entire section dedicated to data visualization posts – a perfect place for us to share some of our fun Tableau work, along with some practical lessons on getting the most from the software. It is with much excitement then, that I introduce Tableau 201. Tableau 201 is an indefinitely long series of blog posts, with the mission of helping the typical Tableau user advance their Tableau skills and data visualization careers. When I say ‘typical’ user, I mean those that are somewhere between being comfortable using Tableau and blowing people’s minds with their ninja-like data visualization skills.

In other words, most of the posts you find here will be past the ‘101’-level fundamentals of getting started with Tableau, but short of mind-bending Jedi, ‘601’-level graduate courses. A few types of posts you can expect to find here are:

  • Behind-the-scenes looks at how I’ve created some of my most popular Tableau Public vizzes.
  • How-to’s for creating effective corporate chart types.
  • Ideas for improving the usability of your Tableau dashboards.
  • Simple tips and tricks to make your life easier.
  • Thoughts on improving your company’s time to insight using Tableau.

For a taste of what’s to come, please check out the first two installments of the Tableau 201 series:

I sincerely hope that you will find the Tableau 201 posts valuable, and as always, please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you continue your progress with Tableau.

–        Ryan

Looking to fast-track the development of your Tableau skills?


Ryan Sleeper

Ryan Sleeper is a data visualization evangelist specializing in Tableau. To learn more about how Evolytics' award-winning data visualization practice can help you with your Tableau dashboards or training needs, contact us.

Ryan SleeperIntroducing Tableau 201: A Resource for the Aspiring Data Viz Practitioner

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