Improve Conversion Attribution with Invoca Call Tracking to Reduce Costs

Do you display telephone numbers on your website or in your paid advertising campaigns? If so, then you need to include those calls in your digital analytics to fully understand the buyers’ journey. Invoca offers a call tracking analytics tool that can do just that.

Often, call centers are the highest converting channels for businesses. By leveraging unique phone numbers, Invoca doesn’t require a user to click on the call button shown on a website or in an advertisement to be linked to the digital portion of the customer journey. 

Understanding this omnichannel customer journey will give you a competitive advantage for increased conversion rate optimizations (CRO) and proper attribution for your business.

What Is Invoca?

Invoca is an industry leader in call tracking and intelligence. They specialize in bridging the digital divide with their call tracking software. It will enable you to marry the data from phone calls in your call centers with customers’ digital experience. Invoca integration helps you see when a bounce is actually a phone call.

Imagine This

A paid search term brings a potential customer to your website. Somewhere during that visit they pick up their phone and call the number displayed on the page to buy your product or service. That is great for your company, but how do you attribute that sale? Was it from your paid search program and digital marketing campaign or a direct sale for your contact center?

Did the customer have a question or encounter a challenge during their digital experience on your website? How can you identify this is happening so you can improve the online experience? 

Invoca shines a light on these blind spots in digital marketing attribution analysis by bringing the two experiences together. It integrates with popular tools such as AdWords, Facebook, Bing, and Adobe Analytics. 

How We Can Help You with Invoca Call Tracking?

We work with you to understand how your call center works as part of your digital marketing efforts and integrate call data into your digital marketing platforms to provide a more complete picture of your customer interactions. This will help you address pain points and challenges customers experience with your website and correctly attribute sales to the page and channel they originated. 

As experts in digital analytics, we offer full-service instrumentation of this process, from aligning on display number strategy to implementing call tracking on the website to analyzing performance so you can optimize your site for the holistic customer experience. 

Learn how we helped eHealth implement this strategy and save over $3 million dollars >

Our Invoca Call Tracking Implementation Process

  • Form a data strategy
  • Implement call tracking
  • Check Invoca data for accuracy and reliability
  • Work on accessibility
  • Create data visualization
  • Analyze the results
  • Optimize and next steps

Step 1: Form a Data Strategy

We put you ahead of the curve and help you get the data you need to improve conversion rate and correctly attribute sales to the appropriate channels. During this phase, we conduct stakeholder interviews; gain an understanding of your specific business questions; discern between the signal and the noise, so you’re not tracking vanity metrics; and deliver a blueprint for the Invoca integration. 

Step 2: Implement Call Tracking 

A successful Invoca integration involves sending data about the visitor to the Invoca platform, displaying the phone numbers on your web page, and configuring the integration with your digital analytics tools. Our analytics and digital martech tool expertise ensures we can help you put your call tracking in context with the rest of your data and processes. 

Step 3: Check Invoca Data for Accuracy and Reliability

We validate your Invoca data collection (old or new) to ensure the data is accurate and reliable, both in Invoca and your digital analytics platforms. There are also numerous built-in integrations between Invoca and the typical martech stack that we can add to our QA Checklist.

Step 4: Work on Accessibility

Once data is being collected in a trustworthy, reliable manner, we ensure it is accessible to your teams and throughout your data environments. Whether this means integrating multiple data sources across the customer journey or creating an ETL pipeline that moves Invoca data from phone call to dashboard, we can help.

Step 5: Create Data Visualization

We make sure the data from your call tracking and analytics tools are presented in a way that easily communicates what’s happening on the customer journey so you don’t have to spend hours every week pulling the reports and can instead focus on next steps. 

We set the bar with data visualization and Tableau expertise. We deliver prescriptive, visual dashboards using our INSIGHTS methodology that allow your team to analyze data rather than hunt for it.

Step 6: Analyze the Results

Invoca Call Tracking Analytics provides you with a wealth of insights into your customer’s journey. These insights will help us understand certain situations where a visit looks like a bounce, but it actually turned out to be a conversion. We also help answer questions, such as: 

  • Why are people switching over to make a phone call at this part of the journey?
  • Which channel is truly the most effective?

Step 7: Optimize and Take Next Steps

Once you have a more clear understanding of your customer funnel, you will be able to optimize it. We help with this phase, too. We move beyond just data analysis and help you act upon the data you uncover. Whether optimizing through A/B Testing, machine learning, or experience personalization, our IDEA Method for optimization sets you up for success. 

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