As an official Adobe Solution Partner, Evolytics has been recognized for expertise in working with Adobe Solutions such as Adobe Analytics (formerly known as Omniture SiteCatalyst) and Dynamic Tag Management and now the new Launch by Adobe. Specializing in Adobe Analytics implementation for 14+ years, Evolytics has deep tool knowledge and the expertise required for even the most complex tracking implementations. Brands such as Intuit and Kroger turn to us for their Adobe Analytics enterprise tagging strategies. We’ve developed a rigorous process around Adobe Analytics implementation that has evolved over the years and ensures successful and timely completion of Adobe implementation projects.

BENEFITS OF ADOBE ANALYTICS (formerly known as Omniture SiteCatalyst)

Adobe Analytics is an industry-leading analytics solution providing insights about customer behavior through the entire customer journey. Data collected by Adobe Analytics from different platforms (websites, mobile apps, etc.) allow organizations to understand how customers navigate, how they successfully convert, and what challenges and impediments they encounter along the way.  Customer intelligence gained from Adobe Analytics allows for smart, data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement so organizations can increase their bottom line and achieve their goals more efficiently.

Flexible and Customizable:

Adobe Analytics is flexible and customizable, which allows for highly prescriptive tracking for every organization’s unique business needs. The ability to track, collect and analyze data that’s important to your organization opens up greater opportunities for using the collected data in a more focused way. By customizing what you track to your specific needs, you won’t waste time figuring out how to reconcile an off-the-shelf analytics solution with your company’s unique complexities. Similar to data collection, reporting can be customized to meet your various business stakeholders’ needs. With the robust yet easy-to-use functionality of Analytics Workspace, it’s fast and simple to put together interactive reports, and complex data becomes easily digestible and actionable.

Comprehensive and Holistic Toolset:

Adobe Analytics allows you to measure customers across channels and devices to create a holistic view of your customer. In addition to website and mobile visitor tracking, marketing analytics, channel attribution and custom event tracking, it also allows organizations to import offline data and connect it to their online data. With this depth and breadth of features, Adobe Analytics is able to provide customer-centric intelligence without disruption and in a single analytics platform.


In addition to a web analytics platform, most organization use various tools to support different areas of their business and marketing. Whether it’s CRM, Marketing Automation tools, Testing or Optimization, or others, chances are high that Adobe Analytics has a native integration with the tools you already use. Activating integrations for most platforms is a simple process requiring minimal time and effort. You can find all adobe integrations with third party tools, apps, extensions and plugins on the Adobe Exchange. Adobe also provides the Analytics API for any custom integrations that an organization might need. One of the biggest advantages of Adobe Analytics integrations is the ability to push clickstream data collected in Adobe to internal company databases.

Security and Reliability:

Adobe Analytics, formerly known as Omniture SiteCatalyst, is one of the most tenured and highly developed digital analytics platforms on the market. Adobe Analytics helps marketers tell the story of what’s happening in their business with data by leveraging high-performance, real-time analytics across online and offline marketing channels. Adobe continuously invests in the security and reliability of the data it collects and provides to clients through Adobe Analytics. Various measures for data security have been implemented by Adobe, including sending and receiving data using HTTPS, RDC servers and secure FTP. Adobe Analytics also helps businesses with GDPR compliance. Although customers are responsible for what data they collect, Adobe makes it easy to evaluate the compliance of collected data to General Data Protection Regulation.

Forrester Names Adobe the Leader in Digital Intelligence Platforms.

“Adobe consolidates a broad set of capabilities around core platform services. Adobe continues to have strength and depth in digital intelligence, primarily for optimizing customer experiences and engagement, all within the framework of its marketing cloud platform in a marketing and eCommerce context.”

The Forrester Wave™: Digital Intelligence Platforms, Q2 2017


Based on our decades of experience developing and executing Adobe Analytics implementation strategies, we’ve developed a comprehensive approach to Adobe Analytics implementation that ensures accuracy and attention to detail every step of the way.  Our approach ensures our clients successfully reach a comprehensive and accurate state of data collection.

Implementation Audit

If your website (or app, or other platform) currently has Adobe Analytics implemented, we can perform an audit to understand the full scope, depth and logic of the current implementation. The Audit will reveal discrepancies, shortcomings, and opportunities for enhancement.

Discovery and Measurement Plan Creation

Along with audit findings, strategic measurement planning allows our team to understand key questions, business objectives, priority customer paths, and tracking requirements. Objectives and requirements are documented in the Measurement Plan, which serves as a strategic reference for the next steps of the implementation process.

Implementation Guide and Setup

The Implementation Guide outlines all the technical requirements and methods for the implementation, documenting what needs to be tracked on the website and how. Adobe Analytics tracking is implemented or adjusted based on the implementation guide.

Testing and Data QA

After Adobe Analytics code is implemented on the website, app, or other platform, we test it thoroughly. We make sure all tracking calls fire correctly and that they collect and store all required data accurately.  We also QA via the reporting interface, to make sure collected data easily answers the necessary business questions.

Reporting and Analysis

After data is successfully collected and stored in Adobe Analytics, we create reports based on KPIs identified through our discovery and documented in the measurement plan. We also provide in-depth analysis that helps our clients make informed strategic decisions.


Tag Management Systems have become more and more important during recent years as the amount and complexity of collected data has continued to increase.  Also, as websites and marketing efforts increase in size and complexity, the governance of the tags firing on different platforms becomes more challenging. Tag Management Systems help optimize website and app tracking by providing easier management of analytics code and tracking tags.  These systems also consolidate large volumes of tracking code to a single platform and expedite new tracking deployment. We recommend tag management as a best practice to carry out analytics implementation whenever possible.

ADOBE SOLUTION: Dynamic Tag Management System (DTM) Moving to Launch by Adobe

Adobe offers a complimentary Tag Management System to Adobe Analytics clients. Adobe launched Dynamic Tag Management (DTM) in September 2013, included as a core service of the Adobe Experience Cloud. DTM was a more robust replacement of Adobe’s legacy Adobe Tag Manager. For several years, DTM served as a valuable tool for data collection governance, flexibility and consolidation of tags, including third party tags. DTM adoption grew from 30 initial customers to 3,000 customers in 2017.

During the 2017 Adobe Summit, Adobe announced the release of its next-generation tag management platform called Adobe Cloud Platform Launch or Launch by Adobe. Launch is a new open platform offering more features and functionality to users. The platform gives developers more flexibility to develop external tools and extensions and allows for more efficient tag development. Evolytics helps organizations safely migrate from DTM to the new Launch by Adobe. We manage the entire migration process including code migration, legacy code removal, ensuring data parity, troubleshooting and testing the new code as well as training the user in the new environment.

As we evolve our use of data across all aspects of our organization, Evolytics serves as a critical partner, providing strategic guidance, innovative ideation, and expert support in project activation and execution.”

Bill Brewster, VP of Operations, Children International


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