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Audiences in Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) builds on the popular Audiences feature from Universal Analytics and imbues it with an improved configuration interface and more powerful remarketing capabilities.

Reporting with Comparisons in Google Analytics 4

This blog post will explore the Comparison feature, how it differs from Segments, and what you need to know to get started with it.

Maximizing user Journey Reporting in GA4

Google Analytics 4 has been hyped for its customer-centric measurement abilities, no longer fragmented by device or platform. But you can’t get to this point in GA4 without some customization. Today we’ll explore how you can configure GA4 for maximum user journey reporting.

Google Analytics 4 Events

In this fourth post of the GA4 in 400 Words series we’ll be discussing Events and the significant changes when compared to the multiple Universal Analytics (UA) hit types.

Account Structure in Google Analytics 4

Welcome to the third post in the Google Analytics 4 in 400 Words Series. Users of Universal Analytics are familiar with account structure hierarchies containing Accounts, Properties, and Views. Although Google Analytics 4 (GA4) retains …

Introducing “Google Analytics 4 (GA4) in 400 Words”

In the last decade, Google has only made a few significant updates to its Google Analytics product. In 2012 we saw the transition from Classic Analytics to Universal Analytics. In 2016, a premium version of …

Why Your Business Needs Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Welcome to the Evolytics “Google Analytics 4 in 400 Words” blog series! In the first post of the series, we’ll be discussing the primary reasons your business should consider starting with Google Analytics 4. Whether …

Dual Tagging with Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics

Welcome to the Evolytics “Google Analytics 4 in 400 Words” blog series! In the second post of the series, we’ll be discussing the easiest way to get started with Google Analytics 4—dual tagging. What is …

Evolytics Releases Adobe Launch Extension Updates

The Data Element Assistant Adobe Launch Extension is now even more powerful The original Data Element Assistant (DEA) extension helped you manipulate website data to satisfy tag management formatting requirements for analytics solutions, marketing beacons, …

What, Exactly, is a Data Layer and Why do I Need One

One of my long-time issues with my chosen profession is that it tends to create meaningless buzzwords and catch-phrases at a dizzying pace. Magazine articles, speeches at conferences, sales presentation and, yes, blog posts frequently …