Evolytics is thrilled to share the news that Ryan Sleeper, Director of Data Visualization, has been selected as Tableau Zen Master 2016-2017.

Ryan has been recognized by Tableau for his mastery of the product, his willingness to share knowledge and his desire to help Tableau improve its solutions of tomorrow. Nominated by the Tableau community, Zen Masters are selected based on their contributions from the previous year, as well as how they:

  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of how Tableau works
  • Run a Tableau Center of Excellence, applying to all aspects of Tableau products
  • Develop innovative, effective new ways to use Tableau

You can find Ryan’s insightful blog posts on www.evolytics.com, a collection of some of the most immediately actionable Tableau how-to tips available online. In addition, Ryan leads a consulting practice at Evolytics, where his unique training curriculum is among the best available in the data visualization industry. Topics range from beginning to advanced capabilities, including the INSIGHT framework and how-to instruction from his Tableau 201 series.

Upon being selected for this achievement, Ryan says, “I’ve hoped to be recognized as a Tableau Zen Master for a long time, this is Tableau’s highest honor. Just aspiring to reach this goal has led to so many positive opportunities: Iron Viz Champion in 2013, Tableau Public Viz of the Year in 2015, keynote presentations, friendships, a book deal and the list goes on. I’m very grateful for this recognition. My journey is proof that anybody can start from absolute scratch and get there. Thank you to all who have supported my efforts along the way.”

Congratulations, Ryan! You rock!

Written By

Carey Wilkins

As President of Evolytics, Carey Wilkins provides strategic leadership across Evolytics operations, ensuring continued growth of existing client partnerships and new business efforts. With over 20 years of interactive marketing and digital analytics experience, Carey speaks at digital analytics conferences worldwide and has been pivotal in growing the footprint of Evolytics to include analytics support for some of the world's most recognized and respected brands.