Evolytics offers classroom-style Tableau training from some of the most qualified instructors in the country.


Our eight-hour training is delivered on-site at your company in one full day or two half days. Our training is designed to take your Tableau users from beginning to advanced levels using the software in a matter of hours, helping your organization ensure a return on your investment in Tableau.

  • World-class Tableau expertise
  • Proven curriculum designed from scratch
  • Affordable
  • 19 hands-on exercises
  • “Data Visualization in the Business World” session maximizes the impact of technical training on your company’s bottom line


Getting Started with Tableau
An introduction to Tableau’s product offerings, the fundamentals of the software, and laying a strong foundation for your first data visualization.

Chart Types Explained
An overview of Tableau’s 24+ chart types, an explanation of when to apply and how to create each visualization, and a walk-through of the most effective chart types in a corporate environment.

Technical Aspects of Tableau
Instruction on customizing your analyses through the use of filters, calculated fields, IF / THEN logic, forecasting, parameters, and more.

Dashboarding and Tableau Server
How to effectively combine worksheets into a central dashboard, design best practices, and an introduction to publishing to and working with Tableau Server.

Data Visualization in the Business World
A series unique to Evolytics, Data Visualization in the Business World offers actionable tips on how to best communicate data to a business audience with Tableau.

If your team is proficient in Tableau already, our advanced training option dives deeper into topics such as data blending, advanced calculations, and our proprietary INSIGHT framework for dashboard development.  We are also able to customize curriculum using your company’s actual data to make training more directly relevant for your team.

If you’re ready for your team to train with some of Tableau’s best, please contact us

Evolytics was our top choice for Tableau Training because they’re not just Data Viz experts. They understand business and data, so can help us understand how to best tell a visual story in a way that makes sense to business performance.”

Tad Brinkerhoff, Assistant Dean, MBA Program, University of Missouri
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